League of Legends: Seraphine LoL has confirmed cooperation with K / DA

Seraphine LoL cùng ban nhạc K/DA

Seraphine League of LegendsThe expected 152th general of League of Legends has officially confirmed the cooperation with the K / DA group through the latest post on Twitter.

Seraphine LoL with K / DA band

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On September 4, 2020, after a series of articles Seraphine LoL shared his feelings with the virtual group K / DA and tweeted the cover of the group’s famous POP / STARS song, finally, the cooperation information between the two sides has been confirmed.

As you can see, Seraphine will help K / DA produce the entire upcoming album with a separate track. The #CALLINGALLBLADES hashtag included in the post doesn’t have any specific information yet. Many people speculate that it is the second song title of K / DA to be released this year, after The Baddest because it has also been teased in this style.

Who is the League of Legends General Seraphine?

As a self-proclaimed producer and musician with “great aspirations”, Seraphine first appeared on Twitter around June 2020. She regularly posts articles about her personal life as a real celebrity on social media. Occasionally, Seraphine also hinted at her future plans with K / DA.

League of Legends Seraphine

Maybe she’s a “powerful mage”, an upcoming champion that Riot revealed not too long ago. According to Seraphine Tweets, the likelihood is as much as 90% certain.

The capacity of Seraphine LoL

In early August, a Brazilian streamer revealed that the next champion of League of Legends is a mage named Seraphine. Since then, Seraphine Twitter & Instagram accounts also appeared with hidden information related to League of Legends. A streamer also claims she is a talented music mage. This coincides with the title of the new LoL general ..

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Recently, a Reddit account revealed a code showing the skills of the mysterious general Seraphine League of Legends. Although this information has not been confirmed by Riot, however, LoL players are eager to know this new general and her hidden skills in the arena of justice map.

Skills of Seraphine LoL

Passive skills: Echo

For each third basic ability, the duration of the spell will have an effect, after which the player will cast it again.

Skills – Harmony

Deploying an ability will instantly create a Note in surrounding allies. For each Note, Seraphine’s next attack increases range and adds magic damage.

Skills – Shield

Protect all nearby allied champions and grant them 3% Movement Speed ​​for 4 seconds. If Seraphine is protected, each nearby ally will restore 5% of the missing health.

In general, many expect Seraphine’s abilities to aid the Mage, similar to Karma or Lulu. The leaked code above is still for reference information only. Seraphine LoL’s true skill remains a secret from League of Legends players.

Seraphine LoL’s social media accounts can be found at:

  • Seraphine Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/seradotwav/
  • Seraphine Twitter: https://twitter.com/seradotwav/media
  • Seraphine Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/seradotwav/
Image Seraphine LoL

When will Seraphine League of Legends release?

Currently, Riot has not set a release date for General 152 of League of Legends. Most likely Seraphine LoL will appear at the 2020 Worlds Finals as the roadmap update revealed their goal of “releasing a new champion per role every year” starting with Season 10.

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