PUBG Mobile: The highlight of the new map Livik


In my latest update, PUBG Mobile Livik map has been released – a beautiful paradise that is unique. In this article, we will together explore Livik, the features that need attention of the map to help you get acquainted more quickly.


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PUBG Mobile: The highlight of the new map Livik


  • The first thing to say about Livik’s new map is beauty. Flower fields, clear lakes, majestic cliffs … will be beautiful terrains for you and your teammates to “live virtual”. However, do not stand in one place for too long because this map has a very fast tempo. You will never know when an enemy will appear in the background.
  • In addition, Livik also appears two new weapons that are P-90 and MK-12. Talking about the P90, it is inherently very popular in other FPS games with its extremely strong near-range destructive power.
  • Monster truck (Monster truck) is also a unique vehicle and only appears on the Livik map. This giant vehicle is extremely difficult to flip and run well even in difficult terrain.

Special terrain: Hot springs

Hot waterfall

In Livik also has a special terrain, or more precisely a special area called Hot waterfall (Hot Spring). Its location is in the northeast on the map. When soaking in the lakes here, whether you wear it or not, you will slowly heal. However, this can also be a place where you must die if you do not pay attention to observe and be careful because in general, the topography of the hot spring is very flat, very easy to be detected.

Special terrain: Waterfall

pubg map livik 2 - Emergenceingame

In addition to hot springs, Waterfall Also a pretty special place in Livik. The waterfall is located on a small island southeast of Livik. If you want to come here, it’s best to skydive in the first place. The waterfall is very beautiful, and is also one of the best places to take pictures. However, the most distinctive feature of the waterfall lies in the back of this waterfall. You can find a lot of good things, powerful weapons while exploring here.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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