PUBG Mobile: 10 interesting facts you probably didn’t know yet

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular mobile games today with millions of players all over the world. However, 10 interesting facts below that many PUBG Mobile players may not even know.

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10 interesting facts about PUBG Mobile

1. PUBG Mobile is more popular than PUBG PC

PUBG Mobile vs. PUBG PC

In 2019, Esports Observer has recorded the number of PUBG Mobile players reaching 400 million people, 50 million of which are active daily. Meanwhile, PUBG PC only has about 8,000 people playing continuously every day.

2. PUBG Mobile is the most downloaded in India

Sensor Tower revealed the highest PUBG Mobile downloads were in India with 200 million downloads before being banned.

3. The Walking Dead…

PUBG Mobile’s Zombie mode has seen gamers destroy 10.5 billion zombies, more than the population of Earth at the time of writing. In addition, 1.5 billion people were also infected and turned into zombies in the game.

4. The meaning of the name PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

In fact, Play Unknown is the name of the game by the developer of PUBG – Brendan Greene. Also, the game’s content is aimed at major battlefields so he decided to add the word Battlegrounds to the name.

5. Team Deathmatch is a real gun fight

How many enemies do you usually kill in Team Deathmatch? How many bullets did you shoot? PUBG Mobile has reported that 5.4 billion bullets were fired in this mode.

The gun fight Team Deathmatch

6. RPG-7 is not the most commonly used weapon in Payload

Many people often die in Payload due to being hit by bullets from the RPG-7. However, the most common weapon in PUBG’s Payload mode is the M79 grenade launcher, according to PUBG statistics.

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7. Why was the first map named Erangel?

Not only the first, Erangel is also the main map of PUBG Mobile. In fact, this map is named after Brendan Greene’s daughter – Eryn. This programmer also calls his daughter Angel. Therefore, Erangel is a combination of the two words above.

8. Real locations in PUBG Mobile

In addition to fictional locations, PUBG Mobile also includes many real world locations such as schools in Chernobyl, Russia or Shelter – an abandoned nuclear arsenal in Ukraine.

9. Bots

PUBG Mobile has many AI bots designed to help new players increase their confidence. Up until level 10, players can mostly just play with bots and will gradually face other real players as they gain experience.

10. Check the index

Page look up character stats in PUBG Mobile

You can also check the character stats by yourself at the page Weekly Sign in> 2nd year anniversary recap. Here, you’ll see the most commonly used weapons, the number of bullets fired, the number of damage taken, the strangest deaths, the best teammates, and more.

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