Instructions for early registration of Laplace M, receive great gifts

After the end of CBT, Laplace M officially allowed players to register early. The game’s official website has confirmed that pre-registration is currently available for both the App Store and Google Play, Laplace M will now undergo some tweaking before releasing the OBT to gamers.

There are many rewards waiting for those who pre-register Laplace M. When pre-registration reaches 500k, all gamers will receive exclusive accessories forever. Laplace USA is an action-adventure role-playing game where players try to live life to the fullest in the world of Laplace.

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Laplace M – MMORPG game on mobile

The game’s BGM is produced by Motoi Sakuraba, who is also the composer for several popular console games. In Laplace M, there are many character classes to choose from, such as warrior, mage, assassin, and cleric. The game has a rich avatar system that allows players to freely customize their character as they want. You can pre-register for Laplace M by following these links:

– Pre-register on Laplace M website here
– Link for pre-registration on Android: Laplace M for Android
– Link for pre-registration on iPhone: Laplace M for iPhone

– Each phone number can only participate in the registration activity once.
– When the number of registered players reaches the specified level, all gamers will receive the corresponding activity bonus.
– Activity Bonus will be distributed via In-Game Mail after Open Beta. Players who enter the game in the first 3 days after Open Beta will receive gifts.

Huong Dan is currently looking for a place to go through frame 2

The most unique feature in Laplace M is the Pokemon-esque Soul Cards, where players can seal their pets. You can use them to summon your pets, aid them in battles. When needed, players can also load Soul Cards into their devices to increase character power.

Thus, Taimienphi has just instructed you how to register early, register before Laplace M to own many valuable gifts from NPH when the game is officially launched on the market. For more information about MMORPG Laplace M, you can visit Taimienphi’s official website.
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