Free Fire: Pocket 4 tips right away to drive like a master

To be able to improve survival in such dire environments Free Fire, in addition to the skill of using a skillful weapon, gamers also need to skillfully make use of the means of movement to easily escape when in danger and convenient in coordination with teammates.

Therefore, the Game would like to share some tips for you to drive like the players in the game. Please refer.

1. Practice driving skills

Practice driving skills

First, the player needs to practice vehicle control skills skillfully to avoid going the wrong way or colliding with other objects. If your team owns a silk steering wheel, that would be great.

2. High concentration

Highly concentrate

Just like when driving in real life, gamers need to keep their concentration to observe the happenings around to easily detect enemies as well as find a safe place to jump down when the car breaks down.

3. Always have your weapons ready

Get your weapon ready

Next, you need to prepare yourself a weapon right when sitting on the car so that when the enemy’s silhouette appears, you can immediately fight back or kill the enemy in time.

4. Bring bomb glue

Carry a glue bomb

Everyone knows, glue bombs are among the most special weapons in Free Fire, which serve as an extremely effective immediate defense shield. So, when in danger or unfortunately the vehicle breaks down in open areas, place a shield in front so that players can easily escape.

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