How to fix the new League of Legends Client error

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The upgrade and use of the new Client by League of Legends leads to many errors arising during running and playing the game. To ensure that you enjoy the game to the fullest, please proceed with the new League of Legends Client error as soon as possible.

The new League of Legends Client error is quite a lot, there are some errors you need to wait for the publisher to update the patches or wait to download them on, we always update the latest versions of League of Legends. . As for some minor errors that can be fixed directly on the computer, it is best to fix the errors so that you can fully experience the new Client version of League of Legends.

How to change the client

And in addition to the new League of Legends Client error, users should also pay attention to limit changing the League of Legends password or other information on their account so that this stage goes into stability, avoiding the In case an account-related error occurs, such as when changing the password of League of Legends, the system will not be updated for example…

New Client League of Legends Troubleshooting Guide

1. Clean up the computer after installing the new Client

After upgrading the new League of Legends Client, you should pay attention keep all folders as they are and unmodified. Also the name directories must also be written without accents Because if there is a Client mark, you will not receive it no matter how many times you download the game.

And then use cleaning software, remove old files, redundant files in the Registry Here we use CCleaner, the leading computer cleaning software today.

How to change the client

In CCleaner you just need to go to Registry then click select Scan for Issues and after the scan is done click on Fix selected Issues to complete the new League of Legends Client error.

2. Update Driver for VGA.

Surely we all know how important VGA is for games, not only needing a strong enough VGA to play games, but also software and compatibility must be put on the top. Therefore, it is necessary to update VGA after upgrading the new Client League of Legends, but of course you must check if you are already the latest version or not. Updating VGA will help players avoid graphics-related errors when playing games.

– If you are using Intel VGA, see the manual Update Intel Card here.

– And if it’s an AMD VGA, please Update AMD Card here.

– Finally the way Nvidia Card update for those who use this type of VGA.

3. Turn off irrelevant programs

League of Legends client Garena is known as the most conflicted Luancher on the computer. There are many software conflicts with it and if you feel it is not necessary, turn them off to ensure that errors do not occur during the game.

For example, some Anti-Virus software, software like Hello Hello or online chat software today. The fastest way to turn it off is to use Task Manager (Press Ctrl + Alt + Del) to limit the new League of Legends Client error.

How to change the client
Above are 3 ways to help you fix the new League of Legends Client error, and after fixing it, you can safely play League of Legends as usual, using the functions available on Garena such as League of Legends stream Talk normally without fear of interruptions caused by errors, streaming League of Legends you can use many different ways, in addition to live streaming on Garena, you can stream live on Facebook.

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