What is Perk Call of Duty Mobile? How to Unlock Perks CODM

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One of the features that makes Call of Duty Mobile different from other shooting games is Perk, the privilege of providing players with more passive skills, let’s go with Taimienphi to learn about Perk Call privileged skills of Duty Mobile okay.

There are many Perk passive skills that players can use in Call of Duty Mobile, they are used in Multiplayer mode and are divided into 3 types including Red, Green and Blue. You can unlock and equip when you reach a certain level.

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Perks CODM – Character skills

What is Perk Call of Duty Mobile?

– As we said above, Perk is a privileged skill that has the ability to help the character own a special skill, providing its own effects, and they are only used in Multiplayer mode, not in Where is Battle Royale mode?

– Gamers can equip the character with Perk privileges after reaching level 12.

– Perk is divided into 3 separate categories displayed in different colors: Red, Green and Blue.

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Perks Types, Unlocked Levels, and Perk CODM Effects

1. Red Perk
– Fast Recover (Fast Recovery): This perk unlocks at level 4. Effect increases HP recovery rate by 35%.
– Persistence (Durability): This perk unlocks at level 14. Points are not lost on death, but the cost to earn points is doubled.
– Lightweight (Light): This effect unlocks at level 22. Sprint speed increases by 10% and reduces jumping or falling damage.
– Agile: This Red Perk unlocks at level 30. Reduces gun recoil and aims faster after sprinting 85%.
– Flak Jacket: Flak Jacket unlocks at level 39. Explosion damage reduced by 35%
– Skulkers: This perk unlocks at level 45. Move 12% faster while walking and crouching.

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2. Green Perks
– Vulture: Unlocked at level 6, with this privilege, players can pick up guns and bullets from dead enemies.
– Toughness: Unlocked at level 16, reduces damage by 60%
– Tracker: Unlocked at level 24, enemy footprints can be seen for 4 seconds.
– Cold Blooded: Unlocked at level 32. Undetected, seen or shown on the map by UAVs, Airstrikes, … controlled by AI.
– Hardwired: This Hard Wired unlocks at level 41, immune to Counter UAV, EMP Grenade, Land Mines and Tracker Perk.
– Ghosts: Unlocked at level 47, enemy UAVs can’t see you.

3. Blue Perks
– Hardline: Unlocked at level 12, increase the number of points earned for killing others by 25%.
– Demo Expert: Unlocked at level 20, 25% increased damage for explosives, explosive bombs.
– Dead Silence: Bow unlocked at level 20, Dead Silence reduces the sound of your footsteps.
– Engineer: Unlocked at level 37, It allows you to reveal enemy equipment, score points, use healing and more
– Tactical Mask: Unlocked at level 43, 40% reduction in duration of tactical gear effects like Stun Grenade, Flashbangs, etc.
– Alerts: Unlocked at level 51, enemy footsteps are easier to hear.

Above is all the information about Perk in the game Call of Duty Mobile, unlockable levels, special skill effects … that players can equip the character. Credits are a premium currency in the CODM world, they are used to make purchases and sales. Gamers can Earn Free Call of Duty Mobile Credits in so many ways.

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