Tips to increase Battle Rating, Laplace combat stats US

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In Laplace M, the game measures a character’s strength by calculating a Battle Rating or BR score. The higher the Battle Rating, the stronger your character, they greatly determine the character’s ability to succeed or fail.

There are many ways that players can increase their combat stats Battle Rating of the character in Laplace M. Some of them are quite easy to do, but others are very difficult. So, do not hesitate, but follow these tips to maximize your fighting ability, making your character stronger.

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Tricks to increase personal battle points Laplace USA

Tips to increase Battle Rating, Laplace combat stats US

1. Raise the skill level
The first secret to increasing your BR is to upgrade your character’s skills. Each level of the skill, increase about 600 BR points. Quite a lot, isn’t it? So, do not hesitate to level up your character’s skills. Of course, to get skill points, you must first exchange EXP (experience). Then you can upgrade skills using skill points and increase BR.

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2. Forging equipment, weapons
When you get new gear, no matter what level, always forge them to increase their power. Not only increase BR points, the stats on equipment also increase quite a lot when you forge them. That means you only have to forge it once, and then the transition lasts forever with any other similar weapon.

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3. Yellow card enhancement
Equipping cards in items can increase your BR. When you want to upgrade your card, give priority to the yellow card. Why? Because yellow cards increase BR points better than cards of other colors. So be sure to strengthen the yellow card before strengthening the other color card for a higher BR, sooner.

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4. High level Guardian
Similar to cards, high level Guardian will increase BR significantly. The rarer the Guardian, the more BR points they provide. So always use and level up the high level Guardian you are equipping or about to equip, they better accompany you in battle.

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You can also tweak the Guardian skill to increase BR. With luck your guardian can get a rare skill, although this depends on your luck but tweaking the Guardian’s skill is well worth a try.

5. Character Level Up
Although Laplace M has a different level cap for the first seven days, it’s always better to level up your character as quickly as possible. With high level characters, you can have higher BR, more equipment, as well as more features appear and you can participate. So be diligent to get EXP and level up your character quickly to unlock more features that can increase your BR.

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Above are tips and tricks that can make your character achieve higher combat stats. By following these tips, you can maximize your character’s BR ability. If you have any other helpful tips, feel free to comment in the comments section below to let everyone know.

During the installation of the game Laplace M on the phone, their default language will be English or Chinese, for some people, the change game language Laplace USA not easy. In previous posts, Taimienphi has shared methods and tips, you can refer here to know how to do it.

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