If you want to win the top 1 in PUBG, you can’t ignore this game

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With gamers of the genre FPSthen strategy and skill are important factors determining achievement, that’s why recently a game called Aim Lab was developed by a neuroscientist and was released on Steam with the main content being a shooting range for players to practice, born to serve the purpose of handing up players.


In the game, players will practice at shooting ranges and use a variety of weapons, the game also analyzes and reports player results, and provides guidance on strategy. The training items include, speed, accuracy, correct aiming, reaction speed, visual acuity… and all of those are essential for the shooter.


Each player has a different habit, or gameplay, the developer has also studied these little things and helped players know their advantages and disadvantages to practice, thereby improving their skills. power.


Each FPS game has its own mechanics and gameplay. The achievements of this game do not say or confirm that in other games you will have the same results, so testing and practicing can be considered meaningless. However, with Aim Lab you can completely apply Call Of Duty’s training program directly to CS: GO. And yet, the game is currently in the process of building a practice mode of the hottest game PUBG today.


According to the plan, the game will release the first test version on June 1 of this year, if you are a gunner of PUBG or FPS, this is definitely a very useful game. All the latest information about the game will be continuously updated by Emergenceingame.Com.

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