What will Among Us be made into a horror movie – Watch the trailer below now

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Despite Sony and Microsoft preparing to launch a new generation of consoles with many promising blockbusters, social reasoning games like Among Us continues to attract a huge number of gamers. The popularity of Among Us Mobile version is not even inferior to Pokemon GO when the game was first released in 2016. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently even played Among Us with streamer famous Pokimane to call the election and the result was amazing when the number of viewers reached 300-400k at the same time.


With that popularity, Among Us also inspired a lot of great fan ideas. From gifs, memes, and now there’s an animated movie inspired by Among Us. However, unlike the funny memes, the trailer from an Indian animator, who is also the owner of the Youtube channel “Flash in Rahul”, leans more towards the horror aspect of the game. to celebrate the upcoming Halloween.

The trailer titled “Among Us Horror Trailer” was posted by the author on October 21 with the description “Special Halloween”. In Among Us, the player’s task is to find the Imposter before they break the necks of all the rest. This trailer is to recreate that scene – the “stupid” killing scene but equally horror.


Among Us’ sudden popularity is welcome, but it also leads to some unexpected problems for developers. Innersloth. The studio was forced to cancel the development plan of Among Us 2 in order to devote time and resources to improving the original version. Thankfully, the developers are actively fixing bugs and trying to bring more updated content to players. It is a sign that Among Us will continue to grow even more in the future.​

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