PUBG has a new Mode, allowing gamers to form Teams of 8 people

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PUBG is preparing to expand with a huge amount of content with the prime example being the announcement of 2 new Maps in tropical and amazing contexts. Not only that Bluehole It is also expected to bring gamers a completely new weapon, along with never-before-seen accessories.

However, maps and weapons are not the only value that the PUBG development team will bring in the future. Accordingly, PUBG will first welcome Even Mode – an event-based game mode with a format that changes continuously over time.


Specifically, for example, when going into the test for the first time, Event Mode will allow gamers to form a Team of 8 people with the rate of rifles appearing on the map twice. With Team 8 gamers this will be an extremely attractive format where you will be extremely well supported by your teammates. However, at the same time, defeating the enemy team is also very difficult because now each team can “cover” each other very well. Of course, this 8-person Team formation will only last for a short time and will soon be replaced by another Event.


In addition, Event Mode also operates as a completely separate mode, meaning gamers can still choose to play in the usual format if they want. In Event Mode, Rank points will not be counted, but players can still receive BP at the end of the match. Along with this Update, it seems that PUBG will also officially let Flare Gun into the official Server.


As usual, PUBG will give a test Event Mode in Server Test and then switch to the main Server a short time later. All information about PUBG will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible.​

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