Father and son build twin cities together in Cities: Skylines

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Cities: Skylines is one of the highly rated games of the city building simulation genre. In the game, you will easily find all the “must have” elements of a game of this type. Map size, bridge construction, road construction, planning of residential areas, industrial zones… everything of Cities: Skylines are sure to satisfy you. All in all, Cities: Skylines is an extremely worthwhile game for anyone who loves the city-building simulation genre.


However, Cities: Skylines is not the main topic of this article. What the writer wants to mention here is the strong father-son relationship between Michael and Finn, his 7-year-old son. The two have a great memory together, thanks to the game, and that reminds me of the evenings playing Super Mario with my dad when I was in elementary school. Those are unforgettable memories, which many gamers today also have.

Because Cities: Skylines didn’t have a co-op or online mode, Michael and his father played on the same computer, and took turns every 30 minutes. Michael explained how they both play in a reddit post:


“I created a map that was bisected by the river. The boy built his city on the right, and mine on the left. At the last minute, we’ll agree on where and how to connect the two cities. Before that, the two of you will still do whatever you want with your city.”

According to Michael’s share, his son often plays games on the iPad, and became interested in Cities: Skylines after watching him play. They’d built cities together before, and the boy loved it, especially after Finn was bought for a small mouse he could barely reach. By now, it was obvious that Finn was more than capable of building the city on his own without his father’s help.


As mentioned above, this is really a great memory of the father and son Michael. Besides, the writer also believes that letting children play games like this will be very helpful in developing children’s independence and thinking ability. Look how Finn built his city, he totally knows what he’s doing.

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