How to progress fast in Play Together

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When Play the game Play Together, you have many ways to progress fast. Here are Hints on how to level up fast in Play Together.

How to level up fast in the game Play Together

How to progress fast in Play Together

Daily quests

First, you should not ignore Daily Missions – Daily Missions in Play Together. They will actually reward you with lots of stars and gems on some special occasions. You can also set up milestones, giving you more resources the more you complete them.

List of daily quests available in the game Play Together:

  • Log in every day
  • Join a game (3)
  • Reach level 3 in Arcade (1)
  • Win 1st place in Arcade (1)
  • Play Zombie Virus (3)
  • Purple Zombie RPG (1)
  • Role-playing in the battle with Zombie (1)
  • Drink lemonade
  • Eat pasta
  • Cooking
  • Character customization
  • Decorate house
  • Help the people in the village (3)
  • Give the girl balloons
  • Do police duty
  • Play with pets
  • Assign work to pets
  • Fulfill a wish
  • Get an A+ in school (3)
  • Attend classes at school (3)
  • Earn 100 stars by selling Fish
  • Participate in a game (3)
  • Send “Like” to another player (5)
  • Eat cake at the mall
  • Try a spicy hot dog
  • Decorate the yard
  • Try working part-time at a pizza shop
  • Going to a friend’s house (5)
  • Sleep at home
  • Change clothes at the mall
  • Visit the pet store
Do daily quests to earn rewards in Play Together

Conquer achievements

Another factor that can help you earn XP is conquering achievements. Go to the Achievement tab by tapping the mobile icon in the center right leading to the game party menu. Once you get there, you can access all achievements available in Play Together. They are unlocked only after you meet all the necessary requirements. The difficulty of the achievement is equivalent to the level of the reward you receive. With difficult achievements, you always get a good amount of gems and stars.

Going to school

Play Together also has a school. Even if you don’t have to study here, you need to visit this place often. The main benefit of going to a Play Together school is communicating and interacting with many people. This is what the game is about. Moreover, you can also get more XP and progress much faster by going to school every day.

Join the mini-game

Another way to earn loads of XP and progress fast in Play Together is to play mini-games. Here are all the mini-games of Play Together.

  • School: Join Math, Art, Biology classes to get rewards and XP.
  • Home Party: Join and have a party at home with friends.
  • Fashion Mall: You can buy clothes and accessories for the character. You can also try on outfits you create yourself. Currently, Play Together’s fashion hub has 5 themed stores.
  • Car Shop: You can buy motorbikes or cars with stars and gems.
  • Pet Shops: Buy eggs, bedding and baths for pets.
  • Furniture Shop: Buy furniture in the house.
  • Mart: There are 8 aisles and offer a variety of foods, including milk, sauces, snacks, coffee & tea, fruits, nuts, vegetables…
  • Camping Ground: This is an extremely popular area, allowing players to work together to complete missions. Here, you can fish, campfire, climb mountains…
  • Dock: Located near the sea, next to the Plaza, players can catch fish, chat with Captain Jack here and go to the forgotten island.
  • Hot Balloons: Use a hot air balloon.
  • Ferris Wheel: Play the ferris wheel.
  • Outdoor Stage: Listen to the band sing.
  • Skatepark: Skateboarding with friends.
  • Pizza shop: Buy pizza and pass it on to friends.
  • Beach Cafe: Enjoy the joyful tropical tunes and watch the sunset here. This is a popular location that allows players to gather and talk to Sika to get Food. You can also deliver pizza to Papa Mino’s quest. Come here for a beautiful night view of the sea.
  • Beach: Surfing, fishing and scuba diving.
  • Coffee: Same as Beach Cafe.
Enter the haunted house in the game Play Together
  • Ghost House: Experience the haunted house but not too scary. You can play Zombie Virus game here.
  • Subway: Go home with your friends and take them on a wonderful train ride.

Above is Ways to level up fast in the game Play Together. Hope the article is useful to you.

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