Preserve PS4 – A small but effective tip that keeps it most durable over time

Keeping your beloved PS4 from unfortunate damage is always a necessity that anyone using it should know. Her grandparents have a sentence “Of enduring in people“That’s not wrong. Someone bought a PS4 FAT (Original PS4) used until now is still running ferry. But there are new people who have just bought out of warranty that the machine is already “first rules”. Not by you “spend the money” to the point of failure of the device so quickly. Just because you do not know the rules to preserve the PS4 for the most durable. nShop would like to share with you some experiences!

Tip # 1: Store your PS4 by cleaning it regularly

The PS4 has a hardware design structure that is relatively similar to the PC. Due to the high working intensity, the heatsink needs to work continuously. This results in long-term use, there will be dirt on the machine, making heat dissipation ineffective. This is one of the leading causes of PS4 failure according to the statistics at the game shops.

Clean the PS4Before and after cleaning the PS4

For better care of the PS4, it is recommended that you clean it after one year of use. The next periodic cleaning time can be from 6 months to 9 months / time (Because the longer the PS4 is used, the longer the durability of the fan, the less heat dissipation glue needs to be cleaned more often). If you are not confident to manually clean your PS4, you can refer to the nShop game store’s cleaning service .

Tip 2: Kill insects, ants in the game room

Insects, ants, cockroaches are always frustrating for us. It is also the killer of the game console (Including PS4 and PC). The new plastic smell emanating from the PS4 console you buy back is extremely attractive to insects. So you can easily see why when you open the PS4 to the toilet, some machines have quite a lot of corpses, dead cockroaches, insect urine.

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Protect PS4 from insect hazard

In some cases it will cause a short circuit of the machine board, resulting in failure to start. More severe will burn. The lightest cases are also their corpses blocking heat dissipation. So when detecting your room, where the PS4 console has signs like crawling ants, moving in rows, quickly find a way to destroy them before they destroy your PS4.

Tip # 3: Play PS4 games in moderation

It sounds strange, but it is true. What does playing PS4 games in moderation have anything to do with… preserving PS4? Actually, there is. Like other electronic devices, when working continuously, the machine will be very hot and easily damaged. So if you want to use the device for the most durable, limit the game to more than 3 hours / time. This is actually good for your PS4 and for yourself.

The PS4 is too hot

When playing games for about 3 hours or more, your body will get tired easily, leading to some harm to the eyes, mind and body. Parallel to that game machine like you, CPU and GPU work continuously leading to overheating. So there’s no reason not to take a 30-minute break before continuing on with your adventure Spider-Man Spider-Man.

PS4 is dirtyIf not used for a long time should store PS4 by storing it in a sealed place

One more small share problem “in moderation” Here also lies in not leaving the device for a long time and not using it. Just like the motorbike has not been running for a long time, it is also necessary to have a way of managing it. In some small cases, the PS4 console does not work for a long time, when the CPU is turned on again, the CPU overheats or the power problem occurs. You see that when you buy a PS4 when you buy it, it will have a certain storage period (The device was too down due to that store “idle” warranty will be drifted too – this time will be sold for cheap again. But it is also dangerous to be spoiled for a long time “delirious” is so). Therefore, if you do not use the device for a long time, you should store it carefully, to avoid allowing insects to enter and shorten the circuit.

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Tip # 4: The disc scratches too much, do not regret the money, but should discard it

While playing PS4 games, some game discs get scratched over time. Due to the nature of the optical disc and optical drive, too much scratch will make it difficult to read. For some light scratches, it’s okay, there are discs that are too heavy to put in the reading eye and will scan back and forth continuously. This leads to a reduction in the life of the PS4 reader. When using these scratched game discs, the drive will also spin at high speeds, making the overall PS4 hotter. Hence affecting the whole machine.

PS4 disc scratches tooWith this scratch, the PS4 will kneel to you …

So in order to preserve the PS4, in addition to taking care of the outside, the inside, remember to remember that the game discs are too scratched. “onion” reading machine. Be strong, put that disc into the collection “celebrate” instead of throwing away. But also do not force the machine to read and read the scratch disk.

Tip # 5: Preserve PS4 – There are things to do, and don’ts

Some of you share with nShop: Why do I buy my PS4 from the other side and keep it very carefully. The machine does not have any dust. Buy glue sealed jackfruit. But using it for 6 months, bring to the store is not warranted.

Jubilee PS4

NShop staff also heard after listening “confusion” Always say what “other store”. The problem here is when you are “too carefully”, how can the radiator be glued to the jackfruit glass. Having been running for six months is very happy already. Someone “light up “ always there. So you need to know when storing PS4 what to do and what not to do.

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What to do to better preserve the PS4:

  • Clean the machine every year
  • Game in moderation
  • Avoid placing the device too close to the wall to cover the heat sink space of the PS4. Machine place should be well ventilated.
  • Eliminate ants, ant paths as soon as they are discovered

Do not do when storing PS4:

  • Phone stickers – whatever it looks like, no matter how much you paste the skin on it will affect your PS4 more or less
  • Eye hygiene reading PS4 (Limited, eye reading is inherently sensitive)
  • Play for 6-7 hours continuously without stopping
  • The scratched disc is too hard to read, don’t regret the money to force the reader, but throw it away. Pressing the scratch disc reader will damage the reading eyes

With the above small experiences, hope to help you in the process of using it can stick for a long time with PS4 and never have to bring to an expensive repair.

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