How to fix Bug Splat League of Legends

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Bug Splat is an error that gamers often encounter in League of Legends recently, this is also an error that has appeared for a long time in League of Legends that gamers need to pay attention to not to encounter this error. Here’s how to fix the League of Legends Bug Splat.

Bug Splat is a bug in League of Legends that players often encounter when preparing for a match (sometimes happening while you’re in the game). The player will experience lag and be thrown out of the game and a Bug Splat message will appear.

how to fix splat bug

Causes and how to fix Bug Splat LOL

How to fix Bug Splat League of Legends

1. The cause of the Bug Splat error.

Players will often encounter Bug Splat errors after updating the new version of League of Legends

how to fix splat bug

A common cause of Bug Splat errors is that the game’s update process causes a bug in the hardware or software.

In addition, this error can occur when the driver of the player’s machine has not been updated. Games with large capacity and frequent updates like League of Legends also require players to update drivers regularly.

In addition, players may encounter Bug Splat errors because then you are opening other special applications, usually online applications such as Skype, Zalo or anti-virus software.

how to fix splat bug

2. How to fix Bug Splat

Way 1: Use Garena’s Edit feature

how to fix splat bug

This is how players can fix errors after League of Legends updates new versions or when maintenance ends.

Way 2: Update the driver for the device, the player can update it through the command in Cmd, Device Manager or Window Update.

Way 3: Turn off the software running in the background in the school machine when playing.

Select the window icon or the Start box on the Taskbar, select Run and type the keyword “msconfig”, the computer will switch to the Services tab

how to fix splat bug

In this tab, please select Hide all Microsoft services, check the Disable All box. Then you come back in Start choose Run, continue typing msconfig to bring up the tab Service. Switch to cell Startup and choose Disable All.

Way 4: Upgrade the computer configuration or reset the image in the game according to the following settings:

how to fix splat bug

In addition, you can install the .NET Framework 3.5 which is a set of libraries from Microsoft to run major applications on Windows and League of Legends also depends on this set of libraries.

=> Link to download NET Framework 3.5 for Windows
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Above are the main methods to fix the League of Legends Bug Splat. Wish you will successfully fix this error and have the best experience with League of Legends. You see more ways New Client League of Legends fix here.

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