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If you are Among UsWell, surely you know the key factor for successful underground sabotage, besides lying, betrayal is backstabbing. If in the role of an imposter, to win, you need to defeat your target, but you should not let anyone see that action.

How to close the game Among Us

One of them Tips for playing Among Us Most useful is to close the door of the room to trap someone and kill them without worrying about being caught by others. So how to close Among Us?

How to close a room in Among Us

Step 1: Play the role of an imposter in Among Us

Play the role of an imposter in Among Us

This is quite important. Like the Vent system, closure and vandalism is a competency only available to imposters. So if you enter the game as an astronaut, you cannot play any of the doors in Among Us.

Step 2: Open the Sabotage menu

Open the Sabotage menu in Among Us

After being identified as an imposter in Among Us, you must first open the Sabotage menu in the lower right corner of the screen. This will open up the layout of the rooms on the map, containing icons for that particular goal. Icon X in red are the door locks you are looking for.

Step 3: Click the X icon

Click the X icon to close the desired room in Among Us

Select the room you want to close. As soon as you press this icon, all open doors in that room will be closed for 10 seconds, giving you a short amount of time to kill your target, then jump into Vent to escape. Then, pretend to be innocent and find the culprit with the crew.

Step 4: Reach out to your goal

Destroy the targets in Among Us

When the door of the room locks, stab your target immediately because you only have 10 seconds. So, act quickly to complete the task.

Step 5: Blame others

Blame others in Among Us

As soon as the team discovers the corpse, join the debate, limit talk and vote on another suspect, not a friend, or uphold someone’s judgment.

Now you know Among Us here it is. Hope the article is useful to you.

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