PUBG Mobile: 5 tips to track enemies from afar for beginners

Tracking an enemy from afar is probably not easy for gamers who are new to PUBG Mobile shooting game. We must have clear eyes and constantly grasp the positions of the opponents who are near us in order to control the situation. Especially in the FPP game mode of this survival shooter game, the player’s vision will be limited, so the identification of opponents will bring huge advantages. Below will be some tips to help you track enemies from afar while participating in this Battle Royale super product.

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The secret to observing opponents from afar in PUBG Mobile

See the panorama from above while parachuting

From the beginning when skydiving, if you already know how many competitors are participating in the same dance, usually people are watching, but most are only interested in the appearance of the opponent and looking for a taste. land location. Therefore, pay attention to the area where you are about to land to see if there are people heading to this position to prepare for the next steps of the game. We can actively choose to confront or hide in our own way.

Listen to gunshots

In the PUBG Mobile game, what makes each player’s success has the element of silence, if you know how to hide gently without making noise you can still win. On the contrary, during the game, we can also detect enemies through gunshots, footsteps, and vehicle sounds in a certain range on the map in the right corner of the screen. What you hear will partly predict the opponent’s position to have a direction to deal with instead of waiting to see them at a close range.

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Take advantage of the TPP perspective

With the perspective that TPP will have a higher visibility advantage than FPP, we take advantage of the eye icon to observe the whole scene and still be able to move forward. When you are at the corner of the wall, cliff, or tree, the TPP perspective will prevent you from exposing your position to other gamers.

Occupying high scores early

At the beginning you should move to the high hill, mountain, roof area to easily observe your opponent. If the enemy wants to attack you are in a low position, they will have limited visibility and difficult to hit us. On the contrary, after detecting the opponent, the aim will not be too difficult for the player.

Memorize the topography of the map

For each gamer playing one map over and over again will help them get used to the topography of that map. This not only makes it easy to move, but has a very positive effect in emergencies, you easily find a place to hide so that you will not be detected by surrounding enemies. We will also learn about locations that are susceptible to being hit up, sneaky or surprise attack from cliffs, rocky ravines on the roadside. Surely this is not difficult for those who have played PUBG Mobile for a long time.

Above are 5 tips to help you observe your opponents from a distance while playing PUBG Mobile game. Hope this guide will help you get the right solutions when you start playing PUBG Mobile game.

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