Instructions to play the game Tan Truong Sinh Quyet on the phone

Tan Truong Sinh Quyet is a fairy swordplay role-playing game that is being loved by a lot of young people today. In this game, players will be taken to an open world to explore the set of martial arts secrets of the same name Truong Sinh Quyet.

In this game we will be involved in one of the four major sects of the game such as: Tang Mon, Ming Giao, Kunlun, Di Hoa, and taking part in exciting fights between the sects. Here, will introduce the article instructions to play Tan Truong Sinh Quyet on the phone, please consult.

Instructions to install the game Tan Truong Sinh Quyet

In today’s article, we will introduce how to download this game on Android, in addition you can also perform the same steps for iOS, or click the download button below.

Download Tan Truong Sinh Quyet on Android Download Tan Truong Sinh Quyet on iOS

Step 1: At the home page of the Google Play app store, click search box at the top of the screen.

Step 2: Type keyword “Tan Truong Sinh Quyet“, Then press the button Search.

Step 3: Touch the button Setting, then wait a while for the game to be downloaded.

Step 4: When the download of the game has been completed, press the button Open to start playing the game Tan Truong Sinh Quyet.

Click the search box Press the Install buttonPress the Open button

How to play Tan Truong Sinh Quyet

Step 1: The first on the screen will appear a message screen “Need 3.72MB resource update, start? Should use wifi to download“, please press the button Confirm. Then wait a while for the system to download the game’s data.

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Press the Confirm button

Step 2: Sign in the game with your account SohaGame, Facebook, Google or press the button Play now to start playing Tan Truong Sinh Quyet.

Sign in to your account

Step 3: At this point on the screen will appear an introduction to the game, touch the button Agree to forgive.

Touch the OK button

Step 4: Next, click on the item Cluster.

Click the Cluster button

Step 5: Select the server For my game account, now this game has many servers for players to choose from such as: Lac Phuong, Lieu Thien, Luu Hoa, Hoi Nhan, Tan Vu, Phuong Hoang, …

Select Server

Step 6: Once you have selected a server, press the button Log in.

Click the Login button

Step 7: Click the icons on the right side of the screen to choose sect for your character. In Tan Truong Sinh Quyet, there are all 4 main sects for you to choose from: Kunlun, Di Hoa, Ming Giao, Tang Mon.

Step 8: Choose the gender and change the color of the outfit for your character.

Choose a sect and create a character

Step 9: Press dice icon to name the character, then press the button Enter the game.

Name the character and press the button Enter the game

Step 10: At the main interface of the game, click on the item Mission, to complete the tasks assigned to you by the system and receive attractive rewards.

Click on the Tasks item

Step 11: Touch and controls circle on the left side of the screen, to move the character.

Touch and control circle

Step 12: Click Sword images and symbols of skills on the bottom right of the screen, to attack and destroy the enemy.

Click the icon of the ladder and skills

Step 13: Click bag iconi to open the equipment feature, then touch any item to use it.

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Bags equipped

Wish you all success!

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