How to farm the totem of immortality in Minecraft

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Totem of Undying – Totem of Undying is a useful item that can save you in the worst situations. Here are how to have a totem of immortality in Minecraft.

Totem of immortality in Minecraft

How to farm the totem of immortality in Minecraft

Totem of longevity always drops from the Summoner – Evoker in Minecraft. While Evokers can spawn in jungle mansions, they don’t respawn there. Therefore, the most effective method to get Eternal Totem in Minecraft is to raid and defeat Evoker. In hard mode, you can face 5 Evokers to get 5 Totem.

How to conduct a raid

You can only launch a raid when there is a Bad Omen status effect from killing the Pillager bandit captain. Although these mobs can appear as part of a patrol. The place you can see them the most is in the Pilager Outpost. Usually there will be 1 to 3 bandits there.

Take a look at the map and locate a Pilager Outpost. It is usually located far away from the village. Remember to keep the outpost for the Pillager captains to respawn.

Dangerous Evokers in Minecraft

How to protect your village from raids

To block a raid in Minecraft, the best way is to build a wall around your village. Then shoot the thieves while standing on the wall. You can also create a series of iron golems to protect the village if you are too lazy.

How dangerous is the Evoker?

Evoker in Minecraft is a necromancer. It is one of the most dangerous mobs of the magic block game. Its main attack is to summon spikes that deal massive damage. After a while, it can gather 3 Vexe pets to hunt you. Try to kill Evoker first with bow and arrow as soon as you can!

Uses of the totem of immortality in Minecraft

Players need to keep the immortality totem in their main handle or side gear for it to work. Totem of Undying is useless when you leave it in the hotbar if not selected. This totem also works on mobs that can hold objects.

Once used, the totem will disappear. It cannot save the player from death by avoiding damage or commands /kill.

How to have a totem of immortality in Minecraft

Effect of the totem of immortality in Minecraft

Once activated, the Minecraft totem of longevity restores half of HP’s heart, removes all current status effects, then grants Regeneration II for 40-45 seconds, depending on version. The player also gains 5 seconds of Absorption II and 40 seconds of Fire Resistance I. Finally, an animation shows the totem appearing in front of the player’s screen.

General, Eternal Totem in Minecraft is a useful item, good support for players when exploring dangerous areas.

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