Horror Manga Master Junji Ito Releases New Publication That Makes Fans Cry

Painter manga famous Japanese horror – Junji Ito has created many works that are loved by everyone like the series Tomiegood Uzumaki Gyo. His mangas are strongly impressed with visually haunting drawings that make readers get goosebumps and hairs on the back of their necks. He knew very well how to exploit the deep fears in each person. Not simply the scenes of bloody killing or ghosts, darkness. Black holes, chipped cuts, rotting bodies and fused body parts… are the unique features of Junji Ito’s work.

Until this year (2017), author Junji Ito has officially been engaged in drawing for 30 years, so the publisher has released the publication. “Study Junji Ito from the depths of fear” and will start selling on December 20th. According to information, this publication has extremely interesting content. It includes 82 pages of non-profit retail and special prints, beautiful and attractive colors. His new manga works like “Human Head Balloon”, “Horrible duplicate message” nice “evil sound” are all included in the publication, promising to bring readers more terrible fears.

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Publication “Study of Junji Ito from the Abyss of Fear”

Painter Junji Ito

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