6 times Wolverine died without a body in Marvel

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“Werewolves” Wolverine is one of the most famous and powerful characters in the world Marvel. With a skeleton covered in Adamantium and super-powerful healing, Wolverine becomes a mutants almost impregnable. Whether his body was filled with hundreds of bullets or was run over by a train.. he easily returned to his normal state as if nothing had happened. But healing does not mean immortality and more than once their mutant has received extremely angry and bloody deaths. Therefore, readers, let’s review with Emergenceingame.Com 6 times Wolverine received the most brutal death right here.


Uncanny X-Men

Uncanny X-Men is set in the future when the Sentinel army has destroyed most of the mutants and dominated the entire world. In the midst of that context, only a few mutants exist and they want to build a resistance against the Sentinel. During a battle with the Sentinel, Colossus used his power to hurl Wolverine towards a Sentinel. Although the attack was fast, it was still unable to keep up with the robot’s power. Immediately, the giant robot turned around and unleashed the maximum energy that covered the entire body of the werewolf. In the blink of an eye, Wolverine’s body was burned to the ground, leaving only his adamatium skeleton, blackened by burning flesh.

Not long after that, one of the X-Men’s other images, Storm, also died when a spear pierced through laughter.. all took place under the extreme pain of Colossus.


Wolverine vs Hulk

This is probably one of the most interesting scripts any Marvel fan has to write. One side is Hulk’s amazing strength.. the other is Wolverine’s insane healing ability.. which side will win? In Marvel’s What If comic series, this fight immediately becomes the focus when these two forces face each other directly. In fact, this is not the only time Hulk confronts Wolverine in Marvel history, but this is the first time the story goes straight to the heart of the matter instead of creating an episode for the two to live together.

At the start of the fight Hulk proves the madness inside his body, threatening to kill Wolverine with a single fingernail. But while the Green Giant was still talking, Wolverine suddenly rushed forward with frenzied force. With his strong Adamantium claws, the Werewolf pierced Hulk’s body and left his opponent to die. However, in this world Hulk also possesses the same healing power as Wolverine and as soon as he looks away Hulk immediately rushes in. Grabbing Wolverine, Hulk punched the mutant before pulling out his vertebrae and tearing the marrow from the werewolf’s back… leaving him with a more painful death.



In this world, Frank Castle is a member of the SWAT force after being discharged from the Marines. Returning to peacetime, he desires a peaceful life with his wife and children while protecting the inhabitants from danger. However during a fight in Central Park between Avengers, X-Men and an alien force, countless innocent people have died and one of them is Frank Castle’s wife and children. Arriving, Frank hopelessly finds his family’s body buried under the rubble while the so-called superheroes are still arguing to deny responsibility. When Cyclops stepped forward to apologize, Frank raised his gun to everyone’s surprise, blew the mutant’s head off and quickly destroyed more Hawkeye and Shadowcat. Wolverine rushes with madness to finish Frank, but is stopped by Colossus…

After appearing in court for murder, Frank Castle was sentenced to life in prison and sent to a high-security prison. Here he meets a few mysterious prisoners with power spread in the underworld. They let him know that he is also an innocent victim in the war between superheroes and villains. They want Frank’s help in taking down all the superpowered individuals on Earth, all without exception. Blinded by the desire for revenge, Frank Castle accepted and officially became the Punisher..

From that fateful day, the whole Marvel world.. whether it’s the Avengers or the X-Men, whether it’s mutants or those with absolute power.. all have been swallowed up by the Punisher’s revenge journey. . The first two victims were Spider-Man and Venom… when the two were arguing in a sewer under New York. In fact, this is part of Punisher’s plan to curb the “spider’s” ability to fly, making it difficult for both of them to move in tight spaces. When the battle between the two sides reached its climax, the Punisher appeared, unleashing electric barbed wire covering the underground sewer. In their attempt to escape, both Spider-Man and Venom were knocked down, falling into the sewer before realizing it was an acid that was eating away at their flesh. The Punisher slowly stepped forward with a flamethrower in hand and burned Venom, then hurled a bullet in Spidey’s temple.

The Punisher’s next target is the Hulk – who seems to be invulnerable in the Marvel world. However, instead of confronting the Green Giant head-on, he chose a much wiser way. He predicted that the Hulk would return to Bruce Banner’s form after the riot, so he used a dart gun to bring a tracking device to the Blue Giant’s body. Following the signal, Frank caught sight of a weak, ordinary man lying behind an unnamed alley. Yes, it’s Bruce Banner, exhausted after transforming into the Hulk. He calmly raised his gun and finished off the doctor, knowing that he couldn’t turn back while he was recovering.

Doctor Doom also suffered the same fate when a magnetic bomb was attached to his head while the Avengers and X-Men were tricked by an anonymous message. In this letter is the challenge and threat of the most powerful villains in Marvel history, who want to wage a final war to decide the fate of Earth. The Avengers and X-Men immediately joined forces on the Moon to avoid further casualties for innocent people. But they didn’t know that the other great villains also received a similar message.. Both sides seemed to be destined to meet on the Moon for the final battle.. before realizing an atomic bomb was made by Doctor Doom himself. Craftsman now under the control of the Punisher landed directly on his head.


But it is Wolverine that the Punisher wants to target.. and as the Punisher once said, “for a very special occasion”. After watching his friends die, the mutant Wolverine drowned in alcohol and became an unrecognizable version of himself. Faced with an unsettled Wolverine, the Punisher simply used his bare hands to shove the knife into the werewolf’s neck before using a martial stance to reverse his arm back to his own chest. Trapping Wolverine into the high voltage substation, the Punisher witnesses the electric currents cook the Werewolf’s cells and soon only a black skeleton remains.

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