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Game development company Fntastic announced its next project is a brand new survival MMO game. The game is played in a third-person perspective with the context of a post-apocalyptic open world when humans are threatened by a deadly virus. The official name of the project is The Day Before.


Why is it said that The Day Before title will be a formidable opponent of The Last of Us? Because the two games have many similarities in graphic design and mainstream colors. In the gameplay trailer of The Day Before that Fntastic posted, there are many factors that make the gaming community compare it with the previous game The Last of Us. There are many features of the Fntastic game that gamers think were inspired by The Last of Us, which has caused quite a bit of controversy.

The most noticeable similarity is in the promotional poster when the main character of The Day Before has the same pose as Ellie in the poster of The Last of Us 2. The introduction trailer also makes many people feel familiar with the love story. When the player goes into the grocery store and is ambushed by the enemy, you must have seen it in the trailer for The Last of Us 2, right?

The Day Before Trailer.

Looking through the trailer, gamers can easily list the similarities of the two games. Not only has the plot about a city destroyed by a deadly virus and humans looking for ways to survive is quite similar, The Day Before also has the same shooting and stealth mechanics as The Last of Us. . Both titles feature large recoil guns that show the main characters’ lack of combat experience. That’s right, because both are the last survivors.


However, in the main aspects, these two games are very different. The Last of Us is a player-driven experience narrated by the main character, while The Day Before is an MMO game based on teaming up with other random players or your team. And The Day Before also has many survival factors worth considering.

Currently, there is not much information about The Day Before other than that the game will be released on PC.​

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