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Overwatch star Dafran explains why he was “banned” by Twitch

Streamer Overwatch famous is facing ban thirty days for the channel Twitch mine.


Dafran responded on his Twitter account, confirming the 30-day duration and notifying followers that he would attempt to refute the ban. As for the reason, Dafran said it was due to his ignorance, which he admits stemmed from his “stupid” statements.

The exact reason for Dafran’s ban has yet to be announced, but there have been a few theories. Some fans say it’s because the streamer told an off-meta support to “commit suicide” during an Overwatch game he was playing. stream.


Others claimed that he laughed “race jokes” while streaming. Unfortunately, since his channel is offline, there aren’t any surviving clips. The ban could also involve an entirely different matter.

If his comments about off-meta support players are correct, it wouldn’t be the first time Dafran has lashed out at someone on his stream. In the past week, he has been furious when he lost a game, venting his anger on his teammates and calling for them to uninstall. game.

Right before that, he had a very rude rage towards a viewers when the person declares that you are not their hero anymore.

It is not known if Dafran will return to Overwatch after that tantrum and after the ban appeal? Most recently, he played for the Atlanta Reign in the latest season of the Overwatch League. He declared take a break from the game in March.​

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