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Last night the writer encountered an extremely rare and funny case in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds… a meeting with a hacker named “Tung Cue”. The story begins when I and 3 other friends currently living in Australia decided to participate in the Team competition format, which has been a tradition that has lasted for months when one of the team decided to go down the road. .. FA.

Everything went quite normal with the initial jump point having to change midway because there were 2 other Teams also jumping straight into it. The change of plan made Team 4 now split into 2 groups and “loot” in two different positions. Fortunately, these loot points have just enough guns for both groups to hold out against a few Teams riding around and honking like a season.


But the thrilling story begins when group 1 in a private car moves to a position deep in the circle. As soon as I passed through the field with the hill looking down, I suddenly realized from where 5 M16A4 gunshots rang out. Exactly 5 hours no more with 5 bullets flying very neatly. One shot hit the roof due to the angle of the hill looking down, but the next 4 bullets, 2 each shot accurately into the driver’s head and I was in the back seat. Two Knock Down shots in just 2 seconds. At that time, I thought “OK, I bumped into Team Pro and know what…”.. But a strange image occurred right after that made me think again.

There, a car on the hill ran down and killed me and my teammates.. then only one person got down. Exactly one person, not a Team. A single person is playing in the Server for Teams of 4. A single person drove himself, switched places, then stuck his head out the door and accurately headshot two other people driving at high speed… while his own car was still moving. Is Superman hiding from the Justice League mission or is it a Hacker with a Chinese nickname?


This assertion was immediately confirmed later when group 2 was still looting in an area near the location of group 1’s death. He suspected that Hacker drove straight in the direction of group 2 without taking time to count. But group 2 never knew that. Still wanting to loot more because there was enough time, one of the group 2 decided to get a motorbike and go to another area while leaving one person behind. When he climbed into the car and drove for a few dozen meters, the sound of the Hacker’s car sounded in the distance. At that moment, two bullets rang out and the headshot sent his friend flying out of the upside-down motorcycle. Definitely Hacker, unmistakable.

So a Team of 4 people.. all 3 were headshot while moving at high speed on the car… by a single guy. Now there is only one person left in the house, the prospect of having to play again is indisputable. And again the sound of Hacker’s car sounded again, but this time he stopped just a few dozen meters in front of the house and hidden behind the trees. It turned out that he wanted to change to another car, a steadier 5-seat UAZ parked nearby. As soon as he jumped to change cars, his friend decided to use this opportunity to shoot revenge for 3 members of Team. But at that moment a monstrous scene took place in front of my eyes.. There from the new UAZ car that was on the way to the station, when from nowhere, half of the red shirt’s body twisted backwards and leaned out of the car, looking straight in. directed his friend who was leaning towards the window and unleashed a headshot that couldn’t be sweeter.. 4 people 4 heatshots, neatly packed with just one miss… all done while in the car.


The end of the match did not make the whole Team feel inhibited, but felt ridiculous for the weird Hacker PUBG into a lifeless shooting racing game no more. Surely in addition to 4 times reported by his Team, he will also receive a few dozen more reports from other players in the Server and soon have to say goodbye to the game. PUBG 30 dollars easy to buy. If you feel like you can exchange a loss and cost him another 30 bucks, maybe our team is still willing to be happy to trade it.

What about you.. do you have any other stories of encountering Hackers in PUBG? Please share with everyone in the comments below.

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