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For employees to steal Death Stranding to play, the worst retailer lost 300 coins

Death Stranding is a masterpiece that has been “conceived” for many years by a game master Hideo Kojima, with revelations and mysterious brain teasers, Hideo and Sony have made players more curious than ever about the game that promises to bring a new gameplay. However, no matter how impatient, players still have to wait until November 8 to experience the game (except for some critics from famous game review sites, of course). Sony has also tightened the spoiling behavior before the game’s content on a global scale to ensure that everything goes smoothly on the game’s official release date, but sometimes there are fish that almost fall into the net. .​


An article in Russia Today revealed that a Russian video game retailer called M.Video was fined 1 million rubles by Sony for letting its employees play Death Stranding before it was released. . Reportedly, this warehouse employee intentionally stole a copy of Death Stranding to bring home and play on his PS4. He thought everything was not known to God, but he did not expect that Sony immediately received a warning when he logged into the game. After a brief investigation, Sony learned that this person was a huge fan of Hideo Kojima.​


After the incident, the retailer’s chief development officer said the employee had been fired and the company had to compensate Sony for this. This director also suggested that his store managers keep copies of Death Stranding in the office, preferably in the safe until the game’s official release date. Perhaps this is enough to prevent any employee from doing the same thing.


Obviously stealing games is a personal behavior of employees, but the retailer is also partly responsible for the lack of strict management, as a result, they have to pay more than 300 million. This is also a lesson for other distributors in how to manage their employees and goods. Death Stranding officially released on November 8 on PS4, the PC version will be released next summer.​

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