Shining Beyond – A very cool anime game just launched on Mobile

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Stand behind Shining Beyond is XII Braves, the father of the famous Mobile RPG game – Valiant Force. XII Braves is a relatively young developer when it was founded in 2014 in Singapore. However, the company’s first Mobile Game, Valiant Force, was very successful with many unique and innovative content at the time of launch in 2016. And now, XII Braves is ready to show the world an adventure. Save new impressions through the store’s 2nd Mobile Game – Shining Beyond.

Attractive rewards for quick gamers


With over 500,000 subscribers, Shining Beyond has been rated as the hottest pre-registration game by Google Play. And the reward for this quickness of gamers will be extremely attractive exclusive gifts such as Hero Olivia, character costumes or even Immortal’s Valor outfit. In particular, all gamers will receive 10 premium Summon Tickets when starting their adventure in the world of Shining Beyond. Are you ready to summon your first UR Hero?

The plot of Shining Beyond

In a world ruled by darkness, a small group of heroes join forces to fight a dark and evil empire. Their goal is to dispel the darkness, to become a flame of hope against this tyranny.

This is like a parallel world with the events of Valiant Force where Hero Jake is struggling with the demon in his soul. With the help of friends and allies, Jake must fend off the waves of dark forces pouring out of the Abyssal portals, and stop the hordes of henchmen who are always on the lookout for rejoining Emma’s forces and reclaim control of Arathos.


Shining Beyond is a hero-collecting role-playing game that combines static and dynamic mechanics in gameplay. The game is a combination of fast-paced action gameplay with an offline AI (artificial intelligence) system that helps heroes get stronger and stronger. Although this is not so new with recent triple-A games, it is not denied that XII Braves is working hard to make the game experience richer.

In actual gameplay, Shining Beyond uses an automatic combat and dungeon exploration system. Every time gamers perform a mission, the game will randomly generate a completely new battlefield through AI, no two battles will be the same. Although it is an automatic combat, the right to decide on tactics is completely in the hands of gamers.


For example, if you want to perform a character’s skill, the player often manually clicks on the icon of that skill. This is important when you want to interrupt an enemy’s skill by stunning or healing your teammates. In addition, you can avoid boss skills by moving the whole team out of the affected area by touching and holding the place you want to move to.

Other features

In addition to the main plot, the game also has many other sub-game modes such as Daily Dungeons, events, arenas, … Gamers will receive many attractive rewards when winning these sub-lines such as gold, hero shards , equipment and many other cool things.

Hero Collection

As can be seen from the trailer, the game has 48 different heroes for gamers to collect, each hero has a different job system. There are 4 main jobs: Warrior, Rogue, Archer and Acolyte. In addition, when gamers have reached certain levels, they will unlock more jobs such as Crusader, Assassin, Ranger, Samurai, Mage, …. The game developer said there are 18 different jobs in the game. this.


There will be 4 different rarity levels: R, SR, SSR and UR. Each hero has a different rarity but can be upgraded to UR+.

Currently this game is available on the Appstore and Google Play worldwide.

iOS download link:

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Android download link:

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