The prodigy boy who graduated from college at the age of 9, normally likes to play Minecraft and Fortnite

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Recently, foreign newspapers reported that Belgian boy Laurent Simons is about to break the world record as the youngest university bachelor ever. He will graduate from college at the end of this year at the age of 9.​


With an IQ of up to 145, Laurent started elementary school at the age of 4, went to high school at the age of 6, he spent a year and a half to complete all high school programs and enter the university door. studied at the age of 8. Laurent just started university in March this year, but it only took him 9 months to complete his degree in electrical engineering at Eindhoven University of Technology (Netherlands). Eindhoven University of Technology is ranked 99th on the ranking of the best universities in the world in 2019, 34th in Europe and 3rd in the Netherlands.​


Laurent loves math and science, he dreams of becoming a cardiologist and astronaut. It is known that the first person who discovered Laurent’s natural talent was the boy’s grandfather, he grew up with his grandparents in Belgium when his parents had to work in the Netherlands, but his grandfather always had problems. That’s why he wants to completely change his mind about cardiovascular surgery today.

Is one child prodigy Rarely, however, Laurent Simons does not bury his head in books all day, he also has recreational activities like other children. According to this 9-year-old university student, because he is quite lazy, he does not like to play sports, nor is he interested in musical instruments. In his spare time, he often watches dramas on Netflix like The Blacklist and playing games, it is known that his two favorite games are Minecraft and Fortnite.​


Professors at top US universities are also now paying attention to Laurent, ready to give him the opportunity to pursue a master’s or even a doctorate. The boy’s father shared, after graduating from university, his son will most likely continue to study at Oxford University – one of the world’s leading prestigious schools. Laurent’s mother also said that if he intends to come to the US to study for a master’s degree, they will accompany him to take care of his son and his grandparents.

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