Kingdom Rush: Vengeance – Legend of Mobile returns with a brand new version

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After the fourth installment of the series Kingdom Rush Name Kingdom Rush: Vengeance, brings players to the world of Vez’nan – the main villain in the previous parts.


Kingdom Rush started as a popular tower-defense strategy game, first released since 2011. The series continuously occupied the top position on the Google Store charts, however the release process was halted after when the version Kingdom Rush: Origins Released in 2014.

Therefore, the gaming community was half surprised and half happy when Ironhide suddenly revealed the trailer for the new sequel Kingdom Rush: Vengeance. Not much information has been revealed, but through the short clip, we are almost certain that the content of this sequel will be Vez’nan. Ironhide’s blog adds: “You will command and support the armies of the almighty Vez’nan while he conquers his enemies.”

Kingdom Rush: Vengeance . Trailer

The idea of ​​​​building a game based on a villain is an interesting choice but rarely realized in the gaming industry. Previously only two prominent examples were Jurassic Park version 1993 (when the player plays a raptor dinosaur), along with Super Mario Land 3 1998 (gamer plays Wario).

So far Ironhide has not given any specific information about the official release date of Kingdom Rush: Vengeancehowever gamers can sign up for an email here to receive information from the developer.​

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