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Finish God of War I, Kratos was ordained as the new Greek God of War. However, his sinful past still haunts the Spartan, and Kratos has never been able to feel at peace. Besides, the disobedience of the New War God gradually became a concern for the gods of Olympus.

Whatever has to happen will come. One day, when Kratos refused to destroy his old Spartan comrades in the city of Rhodes – against his will. Athena along with the other Gods – a giant eagle appeared out of nowhere and took his power. Not only that, the Clossus of Rhodes statue also began to move and attack Kratos.


Just when Kratos seemed powerless against this onslaught, Zeus suddenly appeared with a gift: Blade of Olympus. However, in order to use the sword’s power, Kratos must “charge” it with his remaining Divinity. Kratos did not hesitate, and quickly defeated the colossus with the gift of Zeus. However, it’s all just a hoax.

The eagle that started the whole thing was none other than the reincarnation of Zeus. This God King stripped Kratos of his powers in order to teach him a lesson in obedience. Later, Zeus also made a proposal to the Spartan: Loyal to the Gods from now on, and he would be forgiven. Kratos refused, angering Zeus and ending his short life as God, as well as wiping out the remnants of the Spartan army.


Before falling again to Hell, Kratos was saved by Gaia, a Titan, and also a former God of Olympus. Gaia explains to Kratos that, long ago, it was she who raised Zeus when he was a child. Zeus then betrayed the Titans because of the way Cronos – his father – treated the current Gods of Olympus.

Gaia gives Kratos a proposal: Find the Sisters of Fate, the Gods who control the thread of fate, use their powers to return to the time when he was killed by Zeus and pay back. enemy. Kratos agrees, and begins his journey to find the 3 sisters. Along the way, he also has the opportunity to encounter many other Titans, such as Prometheus, Typhon or Atlas.


After freeing Prometheus from the endless torture he suffered, as well as receiving the power of the Titan, Kratos was freed from Typhon’s grip. The journey leads Kratos to the island where the three sisters’ home is located, and meets Atlas there.

The imprisoned Titan tells Kratos the rest of the story: Gaia and the other Titans just want revenge against Zeus for being defeated by him. Atlas further states that the Blade of Olympus is harmless against Zeus.

Kratos then finally finds the three sisters, and learns that Zeus destroyed Sparta after his own death. Worse, the three not only refuse to help Kratos, but also want to change the past, to make him lose to Ares. Unfortunately, they were unsuccessful and were killed by Kratos. The Veteran God took control of the Loom of Fate and used it to return to the time when Zeus betrayed him with full power. Kratos suddenly attacked Zeus and almost killed this God King, until Athena intervened. To end the battle between the two Gods, Athena committed suicide with Kratos’ own sword.


Before her death, Athena revealed a shocking secret: Kratos was in fact the son of Zeus. Zeus himself had betrayed his father, so he was afraid that Kratos would do the same to him. At the end of God of War II, Kratos traveled back to the time when the Titans were defeated. He saved them and brought them all back to the present. The game ends when Kratos and his new allies stop at the foot of Mount Olympus.

God of War III begins shortly after. As Kratos and his allies were climbing Mount Olympus, Poseidon, the God of the Sea, appeared to stop them. Kratos kills this God with a little help from Gaia, while also engulfing Greece in the battle.


Then, Zeus appeared, and sent Kratos flying off the mountain. Gaia also revealed her true face at this time. Instead of saving Kratos, she let him fall. From the beginning, the Old War God was just a piece of chess used to give the Titans the opportunity to usurp the throne of the Olympians.

Abandoned, Kratos once again finds himself locked in Hell with no arms. There, he met the spirit of Athena. She realized she was wrong about Zeus. To save humanity, Kratos must bring down the Olympians. The only way to do that, is to extinguish the Flame of Olympus – A magical flame ignited by Pandora’s Box. Pandora is the only one with the ability to do this.

Pandora is a little girl created by the Blacksmith God Hephaestus, and is also the key to using Pandora’s Box. Legend has it that Pandora’s Box will bring this world to ruin, and the gods are afraid of this word. After Kratos’ resistance, Zeus tortured Hephaetus to find out where Pandora was, and imprisoned her so that she could never reach the Flame of Olympus.


Kratos embarks on a journey through Hell, recovering what he has lost, including the god-slaying sword Blade of Olympus, and using it to destroy Hades. Hades is also just the beginning of the Spartan’s massacre of the world’s most powerful creatures, Titans and Gods.

From Greek heroes like Perses or Hercules, to Gods like Hermes, Hephaestus or Hera; Even, the Titan father of Zeus, Cronos, fell on Kratos’ path of revenge. In the process, the Spartan also found Pandora, and led her to climb Mount Olympus again.


After severely wounding Gaia, who had betrayed her, Kratos and Pandora finally reached the location of the Flame of Olympus. Zeus tried to stop them both, but it was too late. Pandora sacrificed herself to put out the Flame.

The final battle begins, taking place between Zeus, Kratos and Gaia, who are mortally wounded but have also found a way to turn around and attempt to kill them both. Kratos destroys the Titan first, then Zeus himself, with the help of Pandora’s spirit and his dead wife and child.


At the end, Kratos once again came face to face with Athena’s spirit. Athena reveals that when Kratos used Pandora’s Box to kill Ares, he himself released something evil that affected all the Gods. Athena asks Kratos to return the power he took from the box, so that she can rebuild everything.

Kratos, now unable to place his trust in the Gods, refused the request, and stabbed himself with the Blade of Olympus. In this way, Kratos unleashed his power, while also restoring Greece, which had been devastated by the death of the Gods. Athena drew her sword and left, leaving Kratos dying. Obviously, with the post-credits hint, we all know that Kratos wasn’t dead. And now, the game New God of War is coming soon, to bring us the next adventure of the God Slayer.


Kratos’ life was filled with suffering and hatred. He finds only a glimmer of hope at the end of the tunnel, thanks to the appearance of Pandora and the hope she brings. Thanks to her, Kratos finally found forgiveness for himself, and was able to build a family in the new game.

God of War 2018 will be officially released worldwide tomorrow, April 20, 2018.​

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