Will Google also have a Livestream game platform like Twitch?

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Speculation is circulating in the community after the news that Google wants to share the world game market share, maybe this company is planning to make a livestream platform own.


According to many sources, it seems that the Google site has been to major conferences like E3 2018 or GDC and met many companies in the gaming industry. The main thing discussed in the meetings was the idea of ​​a streaming platform.

Specifically, Google is said to be looking for an independent developer as a partner for upcoming projects. The world’s largest search site may even acquire this developer.

Looking back, rumors about Google’s livestream platform have been rekindled since February this year. Game sites like TheInformation or NintendoLife have speculated that the company is planning to make a platform that competes with the Switch, PS4 and Xbox.

One of the most valuable pieces of information to support the above rumor is the move to recruit Phil Harrison into the ranks of Google. Phil Harrison is a veteran veteran who has held many responsibilities in the game making apparatus of Sony (1992 – 2008), Atari Group (2009), Gaikai (2009 – 2012, also under Sony), Microsoft (2012 – 2015). .

Google’s new Livestream platform has an alias Yetithe idea is that Yeti can help weak machines be able to play PC games that require strong configuration, through the stream processing of more powerful computers.​

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