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Batman Arkham – The Game Series of the Crazy Salesman on Steam

Batman Not only succeeding in comics and movies, but also claiming to be a hero with a series of titles listed as super products. Series Batman Arkham This is a typical example when letting gamers immerse themselves in the quality combat and enjoy a wonderfully beautiful world that is unprecedented in the history of the game.

Not only that, each part of the game is a unique journey of Batman against the dangerous forces that threaten the existence of Gotham. There gamers will enjoy great stories with countless plot details that make people feel overwhelmed.. stunned when the knot is untied.


And now all the great values ​​​​of the Batman Arkham series can be completely yours at a great price when Steam Just officially opened the Winter Sale event. Specifically, the entire Batman Arkham series includes Batman Arkham Asylum, Batman Arkham Origins, Batman Arkham City and Batman Arkham Knight are all reduced from 60 to 75%.


For example, just spend 75,000 VND is that you can own Batman Arkham Knight nice 47,000 VND for Batman Arkham City full version including all DLC. At that price you can own it too license key of 2 titles Batman game Lego has a very fun style. For many people, “Forty-seven thousand” is really a bargain price, easily twice the breakfast of some ordinary people. Therefore, this is a great opportunity for you to own the best games in the Batman series from today.


Readers can access the link below to be able to own Batman Arkham games with great deals. Hurry up before the event Steam Winter Sale officially ended:

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