Survisland tests your patience with this surreal survival game

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Recently a title survival game Newly developed by China-based company Super Trampers Studio named Survisland Officially available on the Steam platform, with the trailers released, it can be seen that the game has a standard of survival and will certainly bring surreal experiences to players.



Since its launch on July 16, the developer has been constantly fixing bugs and updating new content, with 80% of the good reviews on Steam, there is no doubt about this game from the country of pandas. . The game takes the player into a large open world, where you will be living on a deserted island with rich resources, the player’s task is to make reasonable use of those resources to be able to survive. survive.


At the same time, the game also has a metabolism system that helps players see their physical condition anytime, anywhere, in addition, there are props with many different uses and complex attributes, requiring the player to must consider its use to use in each case.


The game is currently priced at VND 90,000 on the Steam platform and supports languages ​​such as Chinese and English. You can buy the game at the link below.

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