Final Fantasy XV reveals a new ending and a series of huge updates

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At the Pax East game fair being held starting from April 5, Square Enix shared with the press a series of his plans for Final Fantasy XV next time. These are certainly promising plans, even beyond the dreams of those who love this game.


First, in the upcoming updates, players will be able to create their own avatars (similar to Comrades mode) and use this character to replace Noctis in single-player mode. At the same time, we can also see avatars of other players, existing as ghosts in our game.

Every day, players will receive a treasure chest to hide it anywhere in the vast world of Final Fantasy XV. Other players can search for this treasure chest, and the later they find it, the more valuable the treasure chest will be.


The game’s official mod tool will also be released this spring. With it, players can create their own signature things and share them with other players, including new quests, dungeons, chocobos, vehicles, and even new minigames. However, for now, players can only create new outfits. Everything else, they’ll have to wait until at least the fall of this year.

Final Fantasy XV (Comrades) multiplayer will also receive new updates, including Boss, Raid Boss and Battle Challenge. With raid mode, the player will only have to confront an individual Boss. As for the Battle Challenge mode, you and your teammates will have the opportunity to “sell” for … dozens of Bosses at the same time. Not stopping there, Square Enix also revealed that Comrades will be released as a separate game this summer.


The firm Japanese games announced four DLCs coming in 2019, and now we have more details. The main direction of these new DLCs is to “create a future that everyone looks forward to”. They will even bring a “parallel ending”. It does not replace the existing ending, but only opens a new option for those who want to change the fate of Noctis, Lunafreya with companions.


4 DLC copies will be released in turn for each episode (episode). The first episode will be Episode I: Ardyn, revealing more about the life of the main villain throughout the game, about the sufferings he has to endure as well as his hatred for the Royal Lucis. The official title of this episode is “The Conflict of the Sage”.


The next 3 DLCs are Episode Side Story: Aranea “The Beginning of the End” respectively; Episode II: Lunafreya “The Choice of Freedom” and Episode III: Noctis “The Final Strike”. The collective name of all these episodes is “The Dawn of the Future”, which is “directed” by the hands of Takefumi Terada, who brought us Episode Ignis.


In conjunction with the new DLC releases, a new series of “theme songs” will also be created by Yoko Shimomura, the man behind the great soundtracks of Final Fantasy XV. In addition, the game is also planning to have a “crossover” collaboration with Shadow of the Tomb Raider, another game also under Square Enix.

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