Synthesis of all monsters in Monster Hunter: World (P.2)

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Monster Hunter: World, as the name implies, is a world of countless monsters that are domineering in both form and strength. Besides the names that are so familiar to the fan community of the whole series, in this new game, Capcom It also introduces players to a bunch of new faces.

Although it looks like a reptile, Pukei-Pukei is actually a member of the Bird Wyvern family, with the ability to use extremely dangerous poison (so prepare an antidote when hunting them). This is also one of the first monsters to “welcome” you in the Ancient Forest – the “newbie” area of Monster Hunter World.


The Pukei-Pukei’s weakness lies in the waist, but its venom and long tongue are always ready to attack anyone who wants to approach this weakness. Pukei-Pukei’s poison depends on what it eats, so it’s extremely diverse. Pukei-Pukei is weak against the Thunder element.

The new face of Monster Hunter World. Radobaan possesses a bony body that wraps around his body like armor. In fact, it was not Radobaan’s bones, but the bones of other monsters that were “assembled” into its sticky skin. Radobaan uses them as armor for defense and weapons for attack.​


Radobaan is usually active around the Rotten Vale area and is quite docile if not threatened. Radobaan’s behavior is quite similar to real life hedgehogs. Radobaan is weak against the Dragon and Ice elements.

Monster Hunter will no longer be “raw water” without Rathalos, a Fly Wyvern with a “Dragon standard” appearance. Rathalos has extremely thick armor skin, but that does not affect its ability to fly. Rathalos’ favorite attacks are tail flaps, snaps, and flames coming from his breath.


Rathalos first appeared in the Ancient Forest, weak to Ice, Water, Dragon and can cause effects like Poison or Stun…

Rathian and Pink Rathian
Rathian is in fact the “female” version of Rathalos. Rathian has a similar appearance to Rathalos, but his skin is more blue. Rathian also possesses a pick spike on his chin that can be used to pierce enemies.


Pink Rathians are special Rathians with a pink color. They are stronger, faster, and have thicker armor than their counterparts. Both Rathian and Pink Rathian can attack with Fire or Poison, and are weak to Dragons and Thunder.



Another member of the Elder Dragon family, Teostra caused a stir when he first appeared in Monster Hunter 2. Teostra possesses the majestic appearance of a lion with wings and horns. Perhaps because of that, Teostra often used cat attacks like sharp claws.
Teostra can breathe fire and control the Fire element spectacularly. On the contrary, its weakness is Dragon and Water.

Another brand new face of Monster Hunter World. Wrapped in gray-blue scales, Tobi-Kadachi is a Fanged Wyvern with extremely fast movement speed and amazing climbing ability. Tobi-Kadachi is often compared to squirrels (giant) in real life.


Tobi-Kadachi can control Thunder, and often stores electricity in his cilia to attack enemies. Tobi-Kadachi’s weak point is Water.



Also a new specialty of Monster Hunter World, Tzitzi-Ya-Ku has a similar appearance to Kula-Ya-Ku (of the same Bird Wyvern family) but has a blue color. Usually appearing in the Coral Highlands, Tzitzi-Ya-Ku doesn’t mind her eggs much. Tzitzi-Ya-Ku’s strong point is the kicks that come from extremely strong hind legs.



Uragaan belongs to the Brute Wyvern species and first appeared in Monster Hunter 3. It possesses an extremely thick skin and is difficult to penetrate. The spines on the back make Uragaan look quite like a giant grumpy hedgehog. In fact, Uragaan can curl up and roll into opponents like pangolins. At that time, the damage caused by the spikes on its back was extremely dangerous. Uragaan inhabits areas of lava, and is obviously weak to the element of Water.

Vaal Hazak
Vaal Hazak is a new face of the Elder Dragons. Possessing the appearance of a giant Evil Dragon, Vaal Hazak often reminds players of the game Dark Souls because of the darkness radiating from himself. Found in Rotten Vale, Vaal Hazzak is also known as the Corpse Coat Dragon.


Vaal Hazak possesses extremely dangerous claw attacks. In addition, it can also revive the corpses of surrounding monsters and cause them to attack the player. Finally, Vaal Hazak’s poison is a problem even for the most skilled hunters.



Appearing in the game’s final Story Quest as the Final Boss, Xeno’jiiva is a “beautiful” Dragon with a sparkling blue appearance. Not as beautiful as it looks, Xeno’jiiva is actually an extremely difficult opponent with sharp claws as well as blue dragon breath. Xeno’jiiva possesses many transformative attacks, and when it flies, advice for hunters is to make it “land” as quickly as possible.
This is also the first time Xeno’jiiva appears in the Monster Hunter series.

Zorah Magdaros


Zorah Magdaros is a Dragon of the Elder Dragon family that has just been introduced through a trailer about the game’s new story. Not much is known about Zorah Magdaros other than her huge appearance and the nickname “Scorching Mountain Dragon”.

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