20 horror biographies of Pokemon that make fans roll their eyes

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Yes, for the most part Pokemon are cute and colorful creatures that also blend in with the playful world of games, comics, and cartoons. However, that is not why the developers at Pokemon Company forgot to incorporate scary details into the game, especially through the Pokemon biographies in the machine. Pokedex familiar. In version Pokemon Sun and Moon The latest, this Pokedex continues to be updated.. And terrifyingly, it reveals more shocking details about the Pokemon in the playful world we used to know.


In any version whether it is a game, story or movie, Gengar is never a good name. Indeed it is the first symbolic image for the dark curtain covering a corner of the Pokemon world. When we see it, we know nothing good awaits us ahead.


In previous Pokedex lines, Gengar is described as a “ghost” stalking its prey in the dark and always enjoying being “played” with its victims. However, in Pokemon Sun, the Pokedex part of Gengar is described more specifically about a creature with terrifyingly cruel behavior:

This means that Gengar in order to have a friend will find a way to kill someone and turn them into a true Gengar. In Pokemon Moon’s Pokedex, the Gengar clash warning becomes even more terrifying when the author himself thinks that the victim will never have a chance to beg or run away. The person behind these lines of Pokedex says that then you will have no hope of surviving.


One of Pokemon Sun and Moon’s many new Pokemon is nothing like… Pokemon at all. It gives the impression that someone is wearing a stuffed animal suit and standing and bouncing back and forth. In fact, this makes perfect sense because the developers design Bewear in the image of mascot characters appearing in real life.


But in the Pokedex, Bewear is described as a rather stupid Pokemon and cannot perceive the incredible power that lies within him. That’s why if you show affection to a coach or someone, it can hug them so hard that it crushes every bone in their body. All because of the burning love.


Many people think that the Metapod is useless, not to mention the stupid look on his face as if he doesn’t know what to do but stand still. However, Pokedex reveals something completely different about Metapod that very few of us know. The reason Metapod is always motionless is because it has to put all its strength inside of it to keep its life and be able to fly away in an instant. Metapod’s body is like a true hell on earth where it has to struggle to keep the internal organs from… flowing out. Just one abnormal movement in the body, Metapod can die at any time. Therefore, it has extremely high stamina and concentration, even in the situation of being attacked by other Pokemon.



Mimikyu, when Pokemon Sun and Moon was not released, was often described as a poor and lonely creature that just wanted to imitate Pikachu’s image. That made fans’ hearts melt and felt very sorry for Mimikyu. However, the mask that this Pokemon wears on its body is not only for that purpose.


Officially confirmed by Pokedex, Mimikyu’s outer shell is also used to cover an extremely scary creature, ready to take human life with just one look. It wears that cover not only because it wants to be friends, but it also wants to not have to accidentally kill someone. In the Anime movie, Meowth also almost regretted his life when he accidentally looked at Mimikyu’s legs.


Sliggoo is a creature that is almost a hybrid between a dragon and a snail with glazed eyes. In fact, this Pokemon’s eyesight is very poor, making it difficult for it to distinguish everything around it. But this is also the scary point of Sliggoo because as described in Pokedex, because of poor eyesight, in Sliggoo’s eyes the coach is not much different from a donut. That’s why Sliggoo often accidentally… eats people close to him.


But the way Sliggoo eats gives us goosebumps even more. That’s before devouring everything Sliggoo spews mucus onto its prey, thereby causing it to melt and allowing Sliggoo to simply “suck” in. At this point, we really can’t understand what the developers of Pokemon Company think..

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