Nine Yin Chan Kinh Sui Pen – Part 2: I applied to the state but thought I was going to “apply for a job”

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Following the enthusiastic response of readers in the first period, Cuu Am Sui But continues to introduce to readers the difficulty in recruiting talent at The Nine Yin Chan Kinh.
Perhaps you have never seen a “recruiter” as harsh as the guilds in the Nine Yin world.


In addition to having to ensure online time to participate in competitive clan activities, these hardcore gamers must ensure the “international” standards set by each guild.

Just knowing how to play is not enough…
With each passing day, the community of Nine Yin Dong is once again in an uproar because of the countless number of “recruiting” posts from the guilds. From the standard “potato” to “banana”. The accompanying conditions sometimes deter the best gamers.

Gameplay was tough but the guild kept demanding high standards…

Like there are guilds that only recruit women and are required to check…voices on the group chat channel. If there is a guild, investigate the origin from the previous servers, see if there are any “seals”. Or is there a worse guild than being forced to sing one song a day… So hard, so tiring, yet most of the candidates can do it, and get extremely good results.

A self-proclaimed scripture under 5.0 – full HD link does not cover

However, that has not been able to make many other gamer communities have their eyes on the letter O, mouth the letter A, and say Oh My God with the talents of this 3D client gaming association.
Gamer Cuu Yin Chan Kinh can be said to be a hidden master who has the talent of “world economy”, on the communication of poetry, under the photoshop painting wall. And this truth can only be exposed in the events of Luan Poetry Cuu Yin, Giang Ho In Your Hands or First Time with Cuu Yin. From lyrical poems bearing love for friends, to youthful enthusiasm and ambition.

The talent for drawing and photoshop is not available in all communities

Gia Vien’s sketch in the Gia Vien Dream event

From emotional doodles when playing Nine Yin for the first time, to expressing gratitude to the person who led me into this real world. Then came the ingame footage that looked very “artificial”, bringing the color of adventure, wandering guests to the life-and-death battles to solve the grudges of the Gypsies.

I don’t ask for gifts – handmade gamer Jiu Yin

Yes! Nine Yin Chan Kinh currently owns a community of gamers who not only love games, are good at playing games, but also have enough personality and talent to satisfy all guild leaders. This also makes any other gaming community feel jealous.

Gotta find ways to get attention
However, in the midst of a large number of ISO qualified talents, it has never been so difficult for each individual to try to attract the eyes of the guilds. Recently, a guy has come up with a way to make a strong impression on difficult “recruiters” with an extremely funny “resumé”.


My first impression when reading this post must be Wow, this guy is crazy. The things to avoid the most in the Nine Yin community, this gamer has it all. Luckily, at the end, he had a commitment that I used to say the opposite.
It is not clear where this player will go in the future, but certainly this very creative back-and-forth tactic has attracted a large number of “recruiters”, as well as many competitors to learn.


It is known that in the near future, the Nine Yin Chan Kinh promises to have many events for good players to show off their drawing skills.
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