The Day Online – The explosion of rebirth after 10 years of being forgotten

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You must have remembered that Emergenceingame.Com once mentioned a game called The Day that was abandoned by Tencent for ten years. At the time of publicity, The Day received the attention and expectations of many players thanks to the application of the most advanced CryEngine 2 platform at the time.


However, after Tecent’s annual TCG exhibition since 2008, on all websites one could not find any more information about the game for a period of 10 years. It is questioned why a game that attracted so much attention that Nexon had intended to release it was so ignored by Tencent. But then the unexpected happened, at the end of last year Reloaded Studios decided to revive this game with the name The Day Onine.


Not to let gamers wait any longer, on April 4, the game was officially available on the Steam platform with a completely new look. Introduced in this incarnation the game has moved into the MOBA genre. This reincarnated version is more optimized than the original, making battles faster, and removes the consumption and revival of magic when using skills like in other MOBA games. In the process of playing, there will be continuous large-scale battles, until the final battle you can enjoy the unprecedented thrill.


In general, the game feels quite real as a third-person game, the battles are real and sharp, which many current MOBA games cannot do because they always follow the top-down perspective style. The gameplay of the game is still 5vs5 or 3vs3, and hitting the tower… But surely this will be a completely different experience of the MOBA game that is hard to see in the current games of the same genre. Just launched a few days ago, but the game has created a wave and received a lot of likes with hundreds of millions of videos if you type this phrase on youtube. Now let’s download it to experience it.​​

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