PUBG gamers use enemy headshot crossbows regardless of the speeding target

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With gamers PUBG, the crossbow is a “junk” that no one wants. Imagine when the enemy surrounded on all four sides with Shotgun, M16 or AK in hand, how many chances do you have to live if you use a weapon that takes several billion years to shoot just one arrow? But on the contrary, if you know how to take advantage of that small opportunity and accurately stick a single arrow into the enemy’s head… you will feel like a living saint with the power to weigh 10 Servers at the same time.


That’s also what happened to gamers Pappabrun – who has just performed the crossbow thing that can be considered the most disgusting horror horror that the PUBG community has ever witnessed. As we all know, the crossbow works with a completely different mechanism than the rest of the weapons in the game. It has an extremely low range.. ie the arrow’s flight path loses altitude after only a short distance. The arrow speed is also very slow, which means you have to pull the center forward and align at a great distance to moving targets.


However, in return, the crossbow has extremely high damage. There, an unarmored enemy would have to face down instantly with just one arrow pierced into the body.. while with a headshot even a 3 helmet could not save a humiliating death. And all those advantages were taken advantage of by Pappabrun when he detected a flying target in the Darcia 1300. Given the vehicle’s movement speed, the distance from his position to the enemy, the side. Next to the obstacle are buildings and undulating walls before our eyes, many of us will shake our heads and walk away.


But no, Pappabrun decided to raise his crossbow, move the reticle a few meters in front of the car, and then stop at the exact clearing on the hillside next to the Pochinki church. He pulled the trigger, the arrow left the crossbow, and gently pierced the head of the driver who had thought he was safe just moments ago. It is from here that the PUBG community must have found a version of Hawkeye.. or Daryl just for me.

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