Female gamer reviews Condor Hero Gamota with a very “quality” soundtrack

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So Hero of Condor Gamota officially opened Open Beta on 11/01/2018. Surely the game has left many impressions and emotional resonances for anyone who has experienced it. Praise – criticism and different mixed reviews are inevitable. Along with a plot that is so familiar to many swordplay lovers. Quach Tinh, Hoang Dung, Ngu Tuyet or Chau Ba Thong, etc. are all familiar characters and have been perfectly reproduced in Condor Heroes – Gamota. Thanks to this game, many gamers can relive their “intense childhood”.


Although it has only been officially released for a few days, the game also immediately “fascinated” the sisters. It can be seen that on the group of Condor Heroes, there are not only “brothers” but also many other female gamers who are extremely excited and excited to discuss the game. All factors are analyzed.

He was even so enthusiastic that he reviewed the game with a piece of music made from the song Sword Soul by Ung Hoang Phuc.​

Ung Hoang Phuc’s hit song “Sword of Soul” makes netizens happy

The improvised music was shared by its owner in the Gamota Condor Heroes group with the spirit of “contributing to fun”. And that is none other than Nguyen Thuy Trang, born in 1995, currently working at a company in Hanoi, or also known by many netizens as the person who is often turned into the company’s most entertaining game. after she shared a series of funny situations with her colleagues. Although not professional comments from a professional gamer, merely feelings from the perspective of a new girl playing the game, but perhaps enough to speak for the hearts of many other players.


“I just started playing Condor, so hey – viu, if it’s wrong, don’t scold me. Dodge skills using skills, glide like crazy, avoid the other move dodge continuously. The more you play the more you love the graphics, the more dragons fly around. Oh fashion, beautiful equipment. From Iphone 5s onwards, you can download the game all the time. Condor, plowing the game is too good. I rode a falcon and flew along the river. Lightheaded, holding the spirit, going to fight against the gods. A glimpse of youth in love with Kim Dung’s story. Then fortunately, thanks to Condor, the game is too similar. How long do we wait for a good game? Now on my hands, I fly, go all over this country. More combat power, more friends. Just plowing the game, Condor, I’ve fallen in love with each other, plowing all the money.”

The warm reception and quite a lot of positive comments from the majority of players are enough to see that the Condor Heroes Gamota has had an extremely favorable and successful start. Believe that, this will be a worthy game to be in the sights of swordplay fans in the beginning of 2018!

Play now Condor Heroes Gamota at:
Home page: https://ahxd.gamota.com/
Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/ahxd.gamota/
Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ahxd.gamota/
Game download link: https://ahxd.onelink.me/SkBV/8417be28​​

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