Heartwarming corner: 8-year-old boy sells his precious collection of Pokemon cards to cure pet dogs

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Possessing a lovely and human-friendly appearance, dogs and cats are often chosen as domestic pets, but raising cats and dogs is not as simple as we think. Not only providing them with food and shelter, the owners are also responsible for the health of their pets, taking them to the doctor and treating them if they are sick. However, not everyone is willing to spend money for this, there is no shortage of cases of dogs and cats being abandoned by their owners when sick. Therefore, the action of the 8-year-old boy below makes the online community even more touched.​


Bryson Kliemann is an elementary school student currently living in West Virginia (USA), is an avid fan, now he owns a collection of Pokemon Cards pretty big. However, recently Bryson decided to sell his collection to pay for the hospital bills for Bruce – the puppy the boy’s family is raising.​

Just a few months old, the dog Bruce contracted a dangerous virus

Bruce was diagnosed with Parvorirus – an infectious virus in dogs that has a mortality rate of up to 91% if not treated promptly. Bruce’s surgery cost up to 700 USD (more than 16 million dong), when he realized his family could not afford it, the 8-year-old boy decided to sell off the surgery. card Pokemon mine. The image of the boy setting up a self-drawn sign, selling Pokemon cards on the roadside and the story behind it quickly spread online, attracting the attention of many Pokemon fans.​

The image of the boy Bryson selling Pokemon cards on the roadside quickly went viral on social media

Bryson’s mother set up a GoFundMe donation page in the hope of receiving $800 for the surgery, but things went beyond her imagination. The final donation amount has reached nearly 2000 USD (nearly 46 million VND). The generosity of donors not only helped Bruce get treatment, but also allowed his little owner to keep most of his collection.​

Bryson and Bruce reunited after more than a week apart

Bryson shared that he was very sad when he heard that Bruce was sick, there was no one at home to play with except this pet dog. And after more than a week of treatment, Bryson and Bruce were reunited. The rest of the money will be used for Bruce’s future vaccinations as well as supporting other sick dogs.​

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