The young man went to the net to pick up the phone, the owner asked for it but refused to pay it

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Our gamers, when going to play on the net, because they are so engrossed in battle that they often accidentally forget things at the shop. In such cases, luck is kept by the owner, otherwise, the guest will take it away. As you know, net shop It is a place frequented by many different complexities, if unfortunately it is a stranger, a visitor picks it up, the opportunity to find the property seems to be very difficult.

However, the case below is even more ironic when, despite knowing exactly who the person who picked it up is, it is a regular customer nearby, with a camera recording it, but the subject still refuses. willing to return the item.


According to net shop owner shared, the shop had guests come to play to forget their phones on the table, the other young man saw that and immediately sat there and took the phone in his pocket to go home. As a regular customer near the house, the owner very gently accepted it as his phone to ask for it back. But the guy still insisted on not paying, saying that he picked it up and gave it to someone else. Even the owner of the shop went to his house to talk to his family, but the subject’s parents did not cooperate but protect their son. Not wanting to use force or make a big deal of losing neighbor feelings, the owner of the restaurant struggled to know how to handle this matter.

Most advice from other colleagues is that if you can’t negotiate an emotional settlement, it’s best to report it to the police, because picking it up and not paying it back is no different from stealing. Otherwise, it’s better to let the lost and the recovered people deal with each other.​


Everyone is fed up with this guy’s brazenness when he not only “picks up the things that fall and puts them in his pocket” but also challenges the shop owner to report it to the police with the reason that this is something he picked up, so he didn’t return it.

This is also a lesson for gamers when going out in the net shop should be careful in preserving their assets to avoid awkward cases like this.​

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