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Nintendo always known for innovative ideas that can break the conventional way of thinking in the virtual world. Just look at systems like NES, 3DS, Wii nice Switch The latest .. will understand how great the influence of the game company in the country of Cherry Blossom. Now Nintendo continues to surprise people even more by offering a product that has never been seen before in the history of the game world.. Yes that is it. Nintendo Labo – models that allow gaming made from cardboard.


Correct. You never heard wrong. Nintendo Labo is cardboard cardboard in the form of a technical assembly, allowing gamers to cut and disassemble with many different tools. These tools when combined with Nintendo Switch, will create unique games that combine real life with the virtual world. Not believe? You can see how Nintendo Labo works right here.

That’s right, Nintendo Labo will turn the game console in your hand into a variety of tools to support gaming .. from playing the piano, driving a Motor, fishing to turning the Switch into a VR rig. Robot simulator game. All of this is possible through Nintendo Labo’s all-cardboard models.


Indeed, witnessing those images, many people will feel their childhood rushing back when they play around with old boxes to create an illustrious building or a military base that only exists in their mind. Of course the problem arises from Nintendo Labo will be the quality of the covers.. However, the Japanese game company will have to make model sets with much better materials than ordinary cardboard to ensure certainty when gamers interact online. continue with them.


Nintendo Labo will officially hit the shelves on April 20 with the price of about 70 USD for a basic Set. Of course a Set will include many different models such as Fishing Rod, Remote Control Car, House, Motor Car and Piano. The Robot Game Emulator VR Kit will be sold separately for $80. All detailed information about Nintendo Labo will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible.​

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