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Belonging to the first generation of VIP guns, M4A1-Transformers and AK47-Transformers have become a favorite duo that has not shown any signs of cooling down so far. Using modern, cutting-edge design, M4A1-Transformers as a weapon from the future, inspired by the image of Transformers.


The combination of solid, sharp metal details creates a cold, murderous look. Besides the effect of emitting blue lightning in extremely eye-catching combat, M4A1-Transformers becomes a formidable assassin.


Next generation VIP representative of the line M4A1. The M4A1-Beast can be called a popular VIP gun when at the present time, gunners from VIP3 and above can easily own a gun permanently at the listed price in the store without having to try it. luck with the spins.


M4A1-Beast has a pitiful and somewhat scary appearance when the shape is highlighted with the detail of a monster’s head with a large sharp horn fin, grasping the barrel of the gun as if it was baked in fire. M4A1-Beast uses black as the main color, combined with orange-yellow luster effects and highlights in the glowing eyes as if they want to burn all enemies.

M4A1-Born Beast

Besides M4A1-Transformers, M4A1-Born Beast is also currently a weapon M4A1 VIP Top favorite by standards from design to power. There have also been quite a few gunners confused between this version and the Beast version mentioned above.


Still applying monster-shaped details, but in M4A1-Born Beast, there is a neater and more delicate care, less ostentatious but no less outstanding and irresistible charm. The combination of two colors red and black and the glow effect in combat adds to the mysterious and dangerous beauty.


Monster inspiration once again appeared in M4A1-Predator: Invisible Monster, inspired by Predator in the movies. The aggressive exterior, the details are clearly shown every millimeter, notably in the transparent gun body that can be seen through, revealing the internal igniter.


When fighting, the gun body also has a lightning effect around it and gives off cold smoke when changing ammunition. In particular, the upper part of the padlock base also has quite fancy ‘moving fins’. M4A1-Predator is the pride of the owner when appearing on the battlefield with this powerful and beautiful weapon.


The most special name on this list: M4A1-Jewelry. In stark contrast to the monster style, the pitiful beast of its predecessors, the M4A1-Jewelry possesses the same design as the basic M4A1 version. However, it has been transformed to become more luxurious in the literal sense by the texture of the gun made of gold, silver and precious stones, which is very glittering and luxurious.


In particular, a rose branch inside the gun body, accompanied by a tiny chibi girl with red hair and big round glittering eyes that looks very cute lying on her chin right at the loading position will definitely make The shooters are interested, especially the girls. The most unfortunate thing is that the journey of M4A1-Jewelry is extremely short and almost lost in the market. Hopefully this beauty will return to us in the near future.


The latest M4A1 VIP version as soon as it appeared has created quite a bit of controversy, but most is the expectation from the reputation of the Angel line. M4A1-Angel possesses the radiant beauty of an angel: the outer shell is made from luxurious sparkling silver metal, accompanied by green glowing stones inlaid on the gun body and especially the angel face symbol. characteristic is pressed at the position where the stock and handle are connected. A whole that exudes serenity and is filled with divine power.


In addition, all the remaining extras such as the special mark and the effect of the blue light soaring when taking down the target or the melee bayonet in the shape of an angel sword underneath the muzzle of the silencer also contribute to making the shape of M4A1-Angel more perfect.

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