Vo Lam Truyen Ky Mobile: Tiger General Duong Mon defends and defends


Duong Danh Tu Hai version of Vo Lam Truyen Ky Mobile (VLTK Mobile) just debuted on March 6 with the focus on new sects Duong Mon. Possessing a pair of weapons, this 5th Kim-type is the first name in VLTK Mobile that has the ability to flexibly combine 2 weapons when fighting.

Duong Mon is famous for the skillful duo Duong Gia Cung Ky and Duong Gia Thuong Ky

Possessing 9 moves including: 4 bow skills, 4 spear skills and 1 spear-bow swap skill, thanks to the rotation of weapons, Duong Mon can attack continuously, making it difficult for the enemy to respond. This is considered a favorable point in the consecutive execution of Yang Mon’s sectarian technique.

Ky Mon Shield: Increase resistance, improve defense, support teammates

This move not only helps increase the defense for Yangmen himself, but also creates a 10-meter range for teammates. In particular, Ky Mon Shield is a useful technique in increasing damage resistance when confronting long-range enemies. At the same time, thanks to the support of the secret, the character’s defense will be maximized to help exempt 1 death and 2 seconds of Champion. Thus, even though Duong Mon and his teammates are in danger, they can still refuse Death once, reverse the universe and turn defeat into victory against the surprise of the opponent.


Hieu Phong Quyet: Increases own strength in a short time

This move helps Duong Mon greatly increase his attack speed as well as move, creating a safe distance to launch Cung Ky’s skills suddenly, making the opponent unable to catch up.


Yangmen went to war, the situation of the battlefield changed

Disciple Duong Gia is famous all over the world with his special talent of Cung-Shang combined, if the Cavalry is an effective skill in supporting teammates and attacking enemies in melee, at long-range, Cung Ky is equally strong. When strongly increasing attack, quickly destroy the enemy.

PK 1vs1 match between Duong Mon and Dao Hoa

Not only possessing the power to make the opponent respect, the characteristics of each skill set are also flexible to change depending on the status of the opponent. While the damage of the Bow Cavalry is proportional to the enemy’s health, the Spear set has the opposite ratio. Therefore, it requires players to calculate, be careful and fluent in the use of active skills.

Duong Mon and Tieu Dao’s “performance”

That’s it, in terms of team competition, Duong Mon also creates a good effect, bringing its own mark. With the ability to support both damage and increase defense power, Duong Mon is a good candidate in the combined formation with most factions, especially when side with factions possessing deadly moves. .

In Duong Danh Tu Hai version, VLTK Mobile also brings many interesting features besides the new sect such as: Thien Nhan male phenotype; attractive PK activities Dat Ma Dong and Thien Co Maze; novel career system; Unique Phi Phong design along with a series of events to celebrate the new version of the new version lasts until the end of March.​

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