Die laughing at the familiar “cosplay” dance in Fortnite of the popular BTS group

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Possessing a large number of fans around the world from Asia, to America, and Europe, BTS is making BTS the number one boy group in the world with great successes that not even the group itself and the fans can’t. can imagine. And recently, BTS once again made fans proud when participating in one of the popular talk shows “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” and was introduced by Host Jimmy Fallon as the most popular boy band on the planet.​


A very special part of the program that has made a strong impression on the gaming community in recent days is the seven members of BTS took turns participating in “Fortnite Dance Competition”, try your hand at 8 iconic dances in this game. Specifically, each member will imitate the characters in the title survival game cult Fortnite Battle Royale by jumping after them.


As male singers in a popular group like BTS, being able to imitate a dance in an instant doesn’t seem to be too difficult a challenge. The proof is that our members have done it extremely well. Even showed Host Jimmy Fallon one of those dances.

Before the members’ extremely lovely expressions, the video not only made the fans – ARMY “melt” but also the player community. Fortnite was also very pleased. It can be seen that it is these dances that are one of the iconic images of Fortnite and create a wide range of effects. Typically in the 2018 World Cup Final in July between France and Croatia, after the goal was scored from the penalty spot, the 27-year-old French player – Antoine Griezmann had a funny celebration. with the legendary “Take The L” dance in Fortnite. This celebration immediately made the Fortnite player community around the world feel extremely excited.


Fortnite is gradually becoming the most “huge” game today. Evidence shows that, just in the past August, the number of players exploded to 78.3 million players, proving that the attraction of this game is not small.

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