The creator of The Walking Dead is sued for stealing money from employees

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Just got another scandal involving layoffs and closure plans Telltale Games. Vernie Roberts, a former Telltale employee, has filed a class action lawsuit against his company on behalf of a colleague. The lawsuit alleges Telltale violated California’s WARN law, which states that an organization cannot fire an employee without good cause.


In short, the WARN Act stipulates that if a company makes mass layoffs and stops working without 60 days’ notice, it will be subject to administrative sanctions. In addition to the fine, the business owner will have to refund the employee’s wages and profits for each day of the violation.

According to the law, mass layoffs mean “dismissing 50 or more employees within 30 days (if the total number of employees on leave accounts for at least one-third of the total employment of the company), or dismissal from 500 or more employees in any case”. The lawsuit states that Telltale Games has laid off 275 programmers, and until the end of September these employees will not receive medical benefits.


The plaintiff has requested a trial and wishes to win the compensation and corresponding profits for the former employees. Telltale has not yet commented on the incident. However, in its most recent statement, the company explained that they are saving money to complete The Walking Dead: The Final Season.

The Walking Dead “Last Season”

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