Millet Shootout is a Chinese FPS game “similar to” PUBG

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In recent days, the Chinese gaming community has been stirred by an FPS game called “Crossfire 2” with the name “Crossfire 2”. Millet Shootout. Produced and developed by Beijing Wali Network Technology Co.Ltd and Mi Entertainment. IS an FPS game, but the manufacturer insists, the game will not be like other FPS games available on the market. The goal of Millet Shootout is not how many people you will win, but the only criterion to win is whether you can survive to the end or not.


The gameplay of the game is considered to be quite similar to PUBG, it can be said that this is a “fake” on mobile because the content is almost 90% similar. The advantage of this game is that the characters, graphics, and related functions have been developed much more widely, with an extremely large map, whereby up to 20 players will fight each other. will be parachuted into a wasteland, then you need to find a place to have weapons to use as well as find other support items such as shirts, helmets, healing items, grenades, guns… and then can hide or rush to the battlefield to find an opponent, because it is a survival game, so the last survivor will be the winner.


Regarding the map in the game, it shows all the familiar terrain, with bridges, hills or factories and towns, in addition, equipment such as armor or hats, and Skins are also classified into 1,2 3… Which of these things you will be able to pick up from houses, random locations or shoot down opponents, receive from Airdrops…



Regarding the graphics of the Unreal Engine 4 technology development game, the realistic 3D graphics should be almost like real life and are quite praised by gamers, it must be said that the game development team did quite well. If you’ve ever played PUBG, you’ll see that Millet Shootout simulates accurately in every detail, which makes many gamers very satisfied because they can experience an identical game on mobile, but in the end, the “version” clone” will still have incomplete things, moreover with an FPS game, it is not eye-catching on mobile platforms when you play on PC.

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