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No guns, no swords, no fighting on the screen.. titles simulation game Building and managing the city always has its own charm, an intense attraction that draws players in for hours and hours. But even knowing that, you still feel extremely surprised at Pocket Citythe game with the theme of city building has just been officially released on Mobile.


In Pocket City, gamers play the role of a new mayor who has just taken office but has to take responsibility for building a small town into a magnificent town. It sounds heavy, but Pocket City has available for you an assistant to guide you every step of the way on the journey to complete that great task.


There gamers will start building roads and bridges and allocate 3 main areas, including industrial, commercial and residential. Building these three areas, players will gradually expand their city, attract more people to live here and above all, develop thanks to tax money as well as revenue from trade. From the money you have, you will build more works to serve the people… from green parks, beaches, amusement parks to banks, hospitals, schools.. etc


However, the more the city grows, the more systems you have to pay attention to. For example, the construction of roads and bridges will affect traffic congestion, high tax collection will change people’s attitudes, or industrial development will cause severe environmental degradation. Not to mention that you have to pay attention to the crime rate, the cost of maintenance services for the city, the rate of import and export as well as the health of your residents. Combining and harmonizing these systems, you will become a true manager in the virtual world and of course own a city of the largest scale in Pocket City.

It took too long for readers to read and perhaps now we have to focus on the game experience. So what are you waiting for without downloading right away Pocket City on Android for free here:

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