The One – PUBG version 2.5D is here!

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Since PUBG put line Battle Royale game As a gaming powerhouse, there have been countless virtual world products trying to replicate this success. Most of them just try to copy the original, creating no more soulless Clone games. However, there are still other rookies who bring their own characteristics, creating a gameplay Battle Royale unique and creative.

The One is one of them when it brings gamers to a part of PUBG but puts it under a completely new 2.5D perspective. With unique gameplay and colorful graphics, The One is definitely a game you cannot ignore.


The One started out as a standard Battle Royale title where players would jump across a large map with other enemies. Unarmed, you will have to do everything and collect all you can to ensure your survival journey until the last round.


Although placed under the 2.5D mantle and viewed from above, The One possesses the full system of an authentic Battle Royale game. From weapons, accessories, equipment to vehicles.. gamers can use them to best support themselves on the journey of survival. The game also has super unique items that promise to completely transform the standard gameplay of the Battle Royale genre.. Typically among them is the Jet Pack that allows gamers to fly into the air for a certain period of time and win profits. before the enemy.


It’s been a long time and it’s time for you to enjoy the poison of The One by downloading the game for free directly here:

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