Despite the sex scandal, Deadpool’s “best friend” still appears in part 2

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Recently, Hollywood was rocked by the news that actor TJ Miller had allegedly committed acts of physical and sexual violence against a female student Miller dated while he was in college. . TJ Miller played the role Weasel – close “comrade” of Deadpool. Although the actor’s representative repeatedly denied these allegations, the incident still had a significant impact. Moreover, in this year’s Golden Globe Awards ceremony, Hollywood stars wore black uniforms to attend, in order to combat the problem of sexual abuse. Therefore, many people think that TJ Miller will not be involved in the project Deadpool 2 as planned again. However, the manufacturer of Deadpool 2 revealed in a recent interview that scandal This will not affect his role in this movie.

Actor TJ Miller

Producer of X-men and Deadpool 2 – Lauren Shuler Donner has denied that Miller will be fired. She said the film is currently in the editing and finishing stages, and due to the request of the right actors, they will not be able to cut scenes with Miller’s appearance. Because in the movie, TJ Miller plays the best friend of Deadpooleven as a supporting actor, but this character has a close relationship with the “bad guy” Deadpool and accompanied him throughout the film. So cutting the scene of the character Weasel will make many details in the movie lose its cohesion. This decision of the film crew, although making many people feel dissatisfied, is also to ensure the quality of the product that they have been cooking for a long time.​


Deadpool revolves around Wade Wilson, a person with incurable cancer who experimented with becoming a mutant with super-speed recovery like Wolverine. Deadpool is an extremely popular anti-hero character in the universe Marvel for his humor with his mouth that never stops talking nonsense. The movie about this “bad guy” was first released in 2016 and was a great success with a revenue of up to 783 million USD. Deadpool Season 2 is slated to hit theaters on June 1, 2018.


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